Backlash As More States Mandate The Wearing Of Face Masks In Public

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While US health experts continue to encourage the use of face masks in public, some states have issued mandatory mask requirements, but there has been pushback from some Americans who refuse to cover up.

Several sheriffs have also said that making face masks compulsory is unconstitutional and unenforceable.

ABC news reports: As states continue to loosen restrictions, facial coverings have become a common requirement for employees, customers, or both. In almost every state, masks are required to some degree, as reflected by the movement #Masks4All.

This week, Palm Beach County in South Florida issued a countywide mask mandate. Facial coverings are now required in all businesses and government buildings, while using public transportation, and in public when social distancing is not possible. The emergency order noted that the county saw a “sharp increase” in positive COVID-19 cases in late May and June. The county has the highest number of COVID-19 cases in Florida after Broward and Miami-Dade.

Palm Beach County commissioners unanimously passed the mandate on Tuesday, with one commissioner saying the majority of calls and emails she received were in favor of it, according to the Palm Beach Post. Still, the vote was preceded by protesters shouting “Freedom,” and dozens of local residents heatedly testified against mask-wearing during a more than three-hour public comment session.

“You do not have the authority to govern my body,” one said.

“You guys are overstepping your boundaries,” said another.

Several Florida counties, including Miami-Dade and Orange, have been sued for mandating masks. One lawyer told West Palm Beach ABC affiliate WPBF that there are plans to file suit this week against Palm Beach County.

A day after the Palm Beach County vote, demonstrators in Arizona gathered outside Scottsdale’s city hall to protest recent mask mandates from the city and its county, Maricopa. The Arizona county voted last Friday to require face coverings while in public due to increasing cases of COVID-19. According to the order, Maricopa County had 2,055 new cases on June 19, compared to 137 on June 1.

The protest was led by a local councilman, Guy Phillips, and some 200 people attended, according to the Arizona Republic.

Phillips addressed the crowd by saying, “I can’t breathe,” before taking his mask off and uttering, “Insanity.” He then went on to paraphrase Benjamin Franklin, saying, “Anyone who would give up his freedom for temporary safety deserves neither liberty nor safety.”

Phillips has since apologized for using the words “I can’t breathe,” which were spoken by George Floyd before he died at the hands of Minneapolis police last month.


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  2. Marbury VS Madison 1803 applies here. It is not only your right but your duty from Thomas Jefferson also applies, it is not only your right but your duty to disobey unconstitutional and bad law.

  3. Marbury VS Madison applies here, along with the words of Thomas Jefferson it is not only your right but your duty to disobey and ignore unconstitutional and bad law.

    • Exactly. Marbury vs. Madison certainly applies here, along with the words of Thomas Jefferson .. It’s not only your right but your duty to disobey/ignore unconstitutional and bad law.
      Ordering the entire US to lock down its economy back in March is a case in point. That order’s indeed unconstitutional .. When there were epidemics/pandemics hit the US in several occasions, there were no lock-downs of any kind; businesses operated as they normally did. The Constitution was respected .. But that all went out the window in 2020 with Covid-19 spreading nationwide. The Bolsheviks took over our government and started issuing decrees that definitely violated the Constitution and the Rule of Law,

  4. They want to set up criminals with an excuse to mask their identity That’s the truth. Governments run all the rackets, all the organised crime using secret services spies intelligence and community polices.They use their knowledge of the civilian criminal elements to do the dirty work

  5. Alright so the CDC says; “Wash your hands, don’t touch your face and wear a face mask” & the WHO says: “Do not to touch the outside of the mask”. I ask: “How the f**k do I put on a face mask without touching my face or the outside of the mask? Never mind my dirty little hands now infected the inside of the mask ….”

    Now think about this: So virus thrive in a warm and wet moist environment, correct? We have always been taught that. OK so a masks is supposed to keep you from spewing your germs into to the “social distancing space”.

    So now I wear a mask and I breath out and my masks collects and holds all those nasty critters in that warm moist environment to thrive and grow stronger …. And then I breath them all back in … yea that makes a lot of effing sense !

    Masks do not work if you have a beard. Nor any other facial abnormalities (see the OSHA rules for self protection in required breathing mask use areas). “Achieving an adequate seal to the face is essential,” the CDC says. Surgical masks, which many people use are designed to keep what’s in a surgeon’s mouth and nose from getting into a surgical field. When you cough or sneeze the air pressure actually moves the mask away from your face for those bad guys to escape.

    A mask does not reduce transmission prior to being symptomatic because air will never choose a path of more resistance (going through the mask) – it will simply go around the mask. The same thing is true for breathing air out it is not 100% contained in the mask.

    A fart passes through 2 layers of cloth, including denim jeans , how confident are you feeling in your paper or homemade face-mask?

    On the positive side, folks have improved their sewing skills by making homemade face-masks , I just wonder since the stores are all closed and they can’t buy things … What the sam hell was on those old rags before that they are recycling to make the masks ?

    Can you see the the bullshit yet? Stupid people are like glow sticks. I want to snap them and shake the sh*t out of them until the light comes on.

    “You can’t believe a single thing they say about the coronavirus—NOTHING!” This whole scam was to take away your God Given Rights and dumb you down and you all fell for it hook line and sinker! You are being controlled by others that do not have your best interests at heart. So go ahead keep being a sheeple and follow and wear your masks!

    BTW—- At the store the other day was a big X on the floor by the register, where I should stand. Left a sign there that said: ” I have seen too many Road Runner cartoons to fall for that sh*t…”

  6. well what did u expect we let politicians force helmet and seat belt laws on us next u will be told what to eat and what to do

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