Barbra Streisand Slams Trump Calls Him A ‘Climate Denier’

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Singer and Hollywood actress Barbra Streisand has attacked Donald Trump, yet again, this time calling him a “climate denier” who refuses to see what’s happening to the world due to the burning of fossil fuels.

Streisand, who has vowed to leave the US if Trump is re-elected in November, knows something about burning fossil fuels…she is known to travel by private jets and has even flown her three dogs from California to London to watch her perform in a concert.

Brietbart reports: On Friday, Barbra Streisand fired off her latest social media salvo against the likely 2024 GOP presidential nominee.

“Trump was always a climate denier,” she wrote in an X post. “But any intelligent person sees what’s happening in the world—violent storms, droughts, and fires that come from burning fossil fuels!”

In 2019, Streisand had her three dogs Miss Scarlet, Miss Violet, and Fanny flown from Los Angeles to London to watch her perform in a concert in Hyde Park.

The singer even brought the dogs on stage with her during the outdoor performance.

Streisand — who lives in a massive Malibu estate with her husband, actor James Brolin — has been known to fly private jets while touring and attending glitzy celebrity affairs.

Her former dog Samantha reportedly bit a flight attendant during a private jet trip in 2015. The incident occurred aboard billionaire pal Ron Perelman’s Gulfstream, which was transporting Streisand and her entourage from New York to Washington, D.C.

Barbra Streisand’s carbon spewing habits haven’t stopped her from promoting climate change activism. She posts climate-themed messages on social media and has even funded a climate-change research center at UCLA in 2021.

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