Bernie Sanders, Who Says Climate Change Will Destroy Major Cities In 8 Years, REFUSES To Stop Using Private Jets

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One rule for me and another for thee. That's the motto used by elitist Marxists to justify their hypocritical policies and lifestyles. Sen. Bernie Sanders, who has emerged as the frontrunner for the Democratic presidential nomination, is no different.

One rule for me and another for thee. That’s the motto used by elitist Marxists to justify their hypocritical policies and lifestyles. Sen. Bernie Sanders, who has emerged as the frontrunner for the Democratic presidential nomination, is no different.

Sanders, who spent $360,000 on private air travel in the third quarter of 2019, admitted during an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Thursday that he will continue using a private jet in order to travel back and forth between the Senate impeachment trial in D.C. and early voting states — despite making climate change the central policy position in his presidential campaign.

Word is, we have heard reports — and I would like to find out if you can confirm these — that in order to sit for the Senate trial and campaign in Iowa, you’re going to be using private jets at night,” Colbert said, referencing reports indicating Sanders’ purported plans to increase his private jet usage during the Senate impeachment trial.

Probably one jet,” Sanders clarified.

Multiple rides in a private jet,” Colbert said.

Yes, yes,” Sanders confirmed.

Breitbart report: The Senate impeachment trial could begin as early as next week, leaving many presidential hopefuls — who are also senators — in difficult positions, given the upcoming elections in Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, and South Carolina.

Sanders’ plan stands in stark contrast to one of the most primary messages of his campaign: Combating climate change. He is a staunch supporter of the Green New Deal, which openly lamented air travel in the Q&A portion of its outline. He also proposed his own $16 trillion Green New Deal, has called climate change a “national emergency,” and has argued that those who do not believe in the left’s climate change narrative should not serve in Congress. He also called climate change the “greatest threat to our national security.

We don’t have decades. What the scientists are telling us — if we don’t get our act together within the next eight or nine years, we’re talking about cities all over the world — major cities — going underwater,” Sanders said during the Democrat debate in November.

The socialist senator seemed open to the idea of sharing a private jet with other presidential hopefuls who find themselves in the same predicament, citing the cost but, notably, not the impact on the environment.

Are you going to give rides to the other candidates who are in the Senate?” Colbert asked.

Actually, we have used jets previously, and that was an idea we thought of. Those are expensive so we thought we’d all chip in and ride together,” Sanders said, ultimately conceding that he does not know if the idea will come to fruition.

That’s greener. That’s greener, sir,” Colbert noted.

Maybe we can all chop in, get one plane, and come back,” Sanders said.

This is not the first time the Democrat presidential hopefuls who have embraced private air travel.

As Breitbart News detailed:

Sanders, who spent $360,000 on private air travel in the third quarter of 2019, would hardly be the first self-described climate concerned candidate to increase his carbon footprint and embrace private air travel for convenience. Former Vice President Joe Biden (D), Sen Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), and former Mayor Pete Buttigieg (D) have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on private air travel as well. The former vice president spent nearly $1 million over a three-month span alone last year, as Breitbart News detailed.

Meanwhile, Warren has claimed that she fights climate change by “mostly” flying commercial.

The presidential hopefuls also came under fire after participating in the Polk County Democrats Steak Fry in September, which featured over 10,000 steaks. Their participation coincided with some of the candidates signaling an openness to limit beef consumption in order to prevent what they consider the looming threat.

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Baxter Dmitry

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  1. In much the same way Al gore refuses to stop buying beach front property ! and the banks refuse to stop lending people money to buy beach front property ! Last time I checked the banks were pretty fussy about lending large quantities of money for things which will be under water and worthless in 8 years time ! and yet they keep lending on 20 / 30 year long mortgages, they must know something Bernie doesn’t, but how silly of me of course he knows ! he’s a fully paid up member of the tribe !

    • They lent money to people to buy properties that are falling into the oceans from natural erosion They lend money to buy houses with massive cracks all over Australia’s clay bed housing regions They just say it’s all the owners fault and responsibility and still want their money anyway

      • They make the odd mistake but No they don’t lend on properties which are falling into the ocean. thats why the banks insist on having the property surveyed before they’ll lend the money. The point is if they lend on a property which is doomed to become worthless in few years (end up under water and the land with it) and the borrower defaults on the loan and is declared bankrupt, then the bank doesn’t have collateral. But if the property is ultimately OK, they can repossess that property and make back their losses !

  2. Commercial jets are hideous and should be banned especially those air buses Dirty great floating factories stuffed full of methane makers

  3. Want to know why people hate politicians? You have it here. Notice AOC the Queen of the Green New Deal keeps flying between Washington and New York. In first class no doubt.

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