Joe Biden Says America Is Back & ‘Ready To Lead The World’

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Joe Biden declared that the US is  “ready to lead the world, not retreat from it,” as he announced some of his cabinet picks.

Signalling it will be ‘business as usual’, his picks indicate a return to Obama-era foreign policy 

While formally introducing the appointees at Wilmington’s Queen Theater in his home state of Delaware, Biden said: “It’s a team that reflects that America is back. Ready to lead the world, not retreat from it”

Press TV reports: He made the comments Tuesday a day after the Trump administration finally notified him about preparations for a transition into the White House despite President Donald Trump’s refusal to concede defeat at the presidential election.

“They embody my core beliefs that America is strongest when it works with its allies. Collectively, this team has secured some of the most defining national security and diplomatic achievements in recent memory — made possible through decades of experience working with our partners,” he said. “They’ll tell me what I need to know, not what I want to know.”

Biden commented about appointing a Latino,  Alejandro “Ali” Mayorkas, as the Homeland Security secretary.

“I am proud that for the first time ever the department will be led by an immigrant, a Latino, who knows that we are a nation of laws and values,” said the former vice president.

He further spoke about appointing former Secretary of State John Kerry to be the climate czar.

“For the first time ever, you will have a presidential envoy on climate,” said the Democrat.

“I’m pleased to have received the ascertainment from GSA to carry out a smooth and peaceful transition of power,”  he said.

Long after his victory in the November 3 election, Biden could have access to federal resources and services, GSA Administrator Emily Murphy told him in a letter on Monday.

“I’m pleased to have received the ascertainment from GSA to carry out a smooth and peaceful transition of power,” Biden said.

Vice President-elect Kamala Harris also commented on the significance of the cabinet picks.

“When Joe asked me to be his running mate, he told me about his commitment to making sure we selected a Cabinet that looks like America that reflects the best of our nation. And that’s what we have done,” she said.

The cabinet picks are being introduced as Trump has vowed to continue his “strong case” to prove election fraud with 57 days to the inauguration day on January 20.


  1. Joe Bidet is speaking about more elective wars and more foreign aid and more pro-Israel crap and more diversity supremacist nationalism.

    The US under Democrat-Neocons leads the world either by conquering it or by subverting it.

  2. The founding fathers of US were freemasons as are the current presidents. Some are jesuits but its the same in principle as freemasonry, babylonian mystery religion. Both parties are working to restore Babel.

  3. ….”Signalling it will be ‘business as usual’, his picks indicate a return to Obama-era foreign policy”… and a great foreign policy it was so we will see the return of the beheading of the week videos from Democrat supported terrorist groups in god forsaken parts of the globe all in the effort to appease the Military Industrial Complex….

  4. What a stupid stupid thing to say. America’s job is not to lead the world. The reason I voted for President Trump is so we could have a leader of America who would put America First. I guess when you, and your family, make millions in pay from foreign countries then this stupid statement makes sense.

  5. Serving the military industrialists who make a fortune from death and destruction misery and suffering and obviously Gi Joe’s on tbe payroll Promising war galore Well rhe Torah says theres going to be 9 months of rile by monsters before the final destruction ,in about 10 or 11 months time .So Joe will take about 6 weeks to get in and so it all fits prophecy .

  6. Biden couldn’t lead an “Ant colony” into an open box of sugar , besides he was absolutely obliterated in this election . If he believes in God then he better come out and tell the truth that he DID NOT win, mass voter fraud is the reason it shows him leading . He will meet his maker very very soon and he’s going to have to answer to God himself about how ridiculously dishonest he is and that he lied lied and lied more about winning the election .

    He has ZERO shot of being accepted into the Kingdom of God unless he comes clean.

  7. People say the U.S. has turned into the ‘laughing stock’ of the world. I spent all my life being laughed at, made fun of, because I refused to cave in to the pressure of others to do what THEY thought I should rather than to follow the good morals I had been taught. Calling something a laughing stock is just one other way of trying to bully them into submission.

    The whole world will go over the cliff soon enough–I’d just as soon not be part of the country leading the way in that.

  8. Wow…this “leading” is going to cost us plenty$. But in return, we will get people that like us, because we gave them money, and that’s all we will get.

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