DC Circuit Court Orders Judge Sullivan to Explain Why He’s REFUSING to Drop Flynn Case

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DC Circuit court orders Judge Sullivan to explain why he hasn't dropped Flynn case

The DC Circuit Court has ordered Clinton-appointed Judge Emmet Sullivan to explain why he is refusing to drop the case against General Flynn, even though the US government dropped all charges against him.

On Thursday, the DC Circuit Court ordered Judge Sullivan to respond to General Flynn’s Petition for Writ of Mandamus by June 1, 2020.

The Justice Department dropped its case against General Flynn last week after bombshell documents proved he was framed by Obama’s FBI.

But last Tuesday, Judge Sullivan made an unusual political move to delay justice for Flynn.

Thegatewaypundit.com reports: Today the judges ordered Judge Sullivan to “file a response addressing (Flynn’s) request that this court order the district judge to grant the government’s motion to dismiss.”

The Judges involved are Henderson, Robert L. Wilkins and Rao.

Sidney Powell tweeted this out on Thursday afternoon.


Judicial Watch founder Tom Fitton added: The order suggest that Judge Sullivan will have to explain why he should be able to ignore a recent Supreme Court Case (Fokker) that seems to expressly prohibit Judge Sullivan’s judicial adventurism against @GenFlynn.


  1. The law has always been very guilty of perpetrating injustice and some of the worst imaginable crimes against humanity in the past and it would appear Sullivan is old school.

  2. We need hearings on the competency of this judge, reviewing all his cases for the last 10 years. Any conflict or inconsistencies, throw him in the can!!

  3. If Obama had an American dad it would be Judge Sullivan. If he had another son, it would be Jaydon Hayden.

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