Bette Midler Goes on Sex Strike to Protest ‘Heartbeat’ Bill

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Bette Midler goes on sex strike to protest heartbeat bill

Hollywood actress Bette Midler has vowed to stop having sex with men in protest to Georgia’s “Heartbeat” bill that prohibits abortions if a fetal heartbeat is detected.

“I hope the #womenofGeorgia stop having sex with men until these indignities are overturned,” the liberal actress tweeted on Saturday.

The new law, named the Living Infants Fairness and Equality (LIFE) Act (HB 481), prohibits abortions after a heartbeat is detected, usually at about six weeks of pregnancy. reports: Midler echoed fellow actress and political activist Alyssa Milano’s call for women to abstain from sex with men via a “sex strike,” claiming, “Our reproductive rights are being erased.”

In March, assorted Hollywood activists including Ashley Judd and Mark Ruffalo joinedAlyssa Milano’s effort in threatening Georgia with a boycott prior to the “heartbeat” bill being signed into law by Gov. Brian Kemp (D-GA).

Midler’s opposition to Georgia’s “heartbeart” law joins other Hollywood-based political reactions, including three film companies pledging to boycott Georgia as long as the law remains on the books. David Simon’s Blown Deadline Productions, Killer Films CEO Christine Vachon, and Mark Duplass have vowed to boycott the state.

In 2018, Midler fantasized about President Donald Trump and his family being hanged “good and high” in a tweet celebrating the Robert Mueller-led operation. “Trump Trump Trump Bob Mueller’s marching, Trump Trump Trump And here is why Trump Trump Trump He’s gonna hang you Hang the fam’ly GOOD AND HIGH!” she wrote.


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