Biden Admin Is Bannning Cheap Light Bulbs To Help Fight Climate Change

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The Biden Administration is planning to ban cheap incandescent light bulbs.

They are preparing to implement a nationwide ban on the commonly used light bulbs as part of their energy efficiency and climate agenda.

The Obama admin had also banned them, but Trump rescinded their ruling in 2019 having previously warned about the dangers of energy efficient alternatives.

Fox News reports: The regulations, which prohibit retailers from selling incandescent light bulbs, were finalized by the Department of Energy (DOE) in April 2022 and are slated to go into effect on Aug. 1, 2023. The DOE will begin full enforcement of the ban on that date, but it has already urged retailers to begin transitioning away from the light bulb type and, in recent months, begun issuing warning notices to companies.

“The lighting industry is already embracing more energy efficient products, and this measure will accelerate progress to deliver the best products to American consumers and build a better and brighter future,” Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm said last year.

According to the DOE announcement, the regulations will save consumers an estimated $3 billion per year on utility bills and cut carbon emissions by 222 million metric tons over the next three decades.

Under the rules, incandescent and similar halogen light bulbs will be prohibited in favor of light-emitting diode, or LED, alternatives. While U.S. households have increasingly switched to LED light bulbs since 2015, fewer than half of households reported using mostly or exclusively LEDs, according to the most recent results from the Residential Energy Consumption Survey.


  1. Cant see now what with no 100 WT bulbs available
    won’t be able to see when incandescants go away
    Eye doctors will reap the benifits

  2. LED’s suck, the LED’s may last, but the circuit boards don’t, they are always failing. plus, i don’t like the light they emit. I am guessing the fake jews bought out all the LED bulb manufacturers and are going to kill the competition.

  3. Profits come first. We’ve had all energy saving light bulbs for years and there’s no way they cut the bill down at since prices have sky rocketed And they don’t even add any warmth to a room in winter so are inefficient use of power actually As are the ovens now that they actually have a fan built into to cool them down do you can’t bake a roast and heat your kitchen in winter using the same power. And they’ve taken away dryers that had wheels that you could use as heaters and driers at the sane time too Everything to be economical they’ve removed and replaced with a fake “energy saving” fraud. Their main truck is bathroom with showers in every bedroom so that water us all wasted straight down the plug hole When u was young families all had one bathroom with a huge iron tub that kept water hot a d the kids would get in first and then by age ascending up to mum and dad, all topping up with hot water, but using the sand water so the whole family used just one tub of water. And mum would wash the undies and panty hose and stuff in the water at last and hang them all over the tub to dry overnight. They got rid of that ASAP. And the thi v us people, even Kings used yo bathe about Ince a year, before and they didn’t stink and they were healthy and they were clean. Now everyone’s washing in Fluoride Chlorine and all sorts of dirty chemicals using all sorts of horrible cleansers usually carcinogenic actually and washing off their natural oils that are designed to protect us from the elements and replacing them with chemical shit.
    And then your waters sent down the drain holes back to them who filter it and then sell it bavk yobyoy again. Over and over and over again your whole life. The same water. It’s the biggest con job on earth

  4. How long will it be before they tell us we are not allowed to eat beans because it will cause a climate problem? they are definitely against enlightenment.

  5. Incandescent bulbs are far from cheap ! And they are the only ones I allow into my house. LED lighting makes you go blind and they also throw off deadly gases, especially if they break. DC GOVT has no right or permission by the Constitution (that they ignore since Lincoln’s Communist 1861 coup) to Dictate anything the public many or may not buy and use !

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