Biden Caught On Hot Mic Inviting 4-Yr-Old Girl To Meet Him ‘Without Parents’

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Joe Biden has been caught extending an invitation to the 4-year-old daughter of a Congressman to visit him at the White House without parental supervision.

Biden was approached by a Congressman this week who asked whether he could bring his young daughter to the White House Easter Egg hunt this year.

80-year-old Biden, who appears unable to keep his hands to himself when he is in the company of young girls, did not waste the opportunity to begin the process of maneuvering the father out of the way. According to Biden, “She can come, with or without you. Then we’ll take care of her.”

Watch the deeply troubling interaction caught on hot mic in the video below:

DC police are being urged to investigate Joe Biden’s inappropriate relationships and touching with children as parents and anti-pedophile groups demand “enough is enough” following a spate of disturbing incidents involving the president.

While Biden’s defenders claim he simply gets a little bit too “handsy” at times, a deeper dive into his pattern of behavior reveals serious question marks about the nature of the man.

Is Biden another powerful man with certain predilections who is “hiding in plain sight?” Watch:

Serial predators have a way of flaunting their deranged success, rubbing it in the faces of their victims. It’s a type of psychopathy common among the globalist elite.

Biden has been criticized by conservatives countless times in the past for comments deemed “creepy” made toward younger individuals, including an interaction last month when the president described a “friendship” with a 12-year-old girl… when he was 30.

And he is not the only world leader facing calls to be investigated. Across the border in Canada, calls are mounting for Trudeau to face justice over historical child abuse claims which the media continue to cover up for the liberal leader.

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