Richard Branson Vows To ‘Reverse Brexit’

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Richard Branson threatens to reverse Brexit

Virgin chief Richard Branson is launching a secret organisation aimed at reversing Brexit in an effort to block the UK leaving the European Union. 

On the very same day that British Prime Minister Theresa May is due to trigger Article 50, Branson says he will publicly unveil a detailed plan outlining how he will defy the will of the population. reports:

The Europhiles are keen to rock the Brexit boat as much as possible by timing their group’s launch to coincide with Theresa May enacting Article 50.

Mr Branson believes Brexiteers have “shot themselves in the foot” by voting to leave the EU and that in business you “change your mind” if you’ve made a bad decision.

Documents reportedly show insurance tycoon Sir Clive Cowdery and former private equity boss Stephen Peel are supporting Mr Branson, as are Virgin chairman Peter Norris and former Blaire minister Alan Milburn.

Papers filed at Companies House reveal directors of the group – UK-EU Open Policy Limited – include the journalist and economist Anatole Kaletsky. He has said Britain needs to be persuaded to change its mind about Europe.

In November, broke the news a Brexit business group was being formed to take on the likes of Mr Branson – but following Theresa May’s speech on Monday outlining her desire to bring Britain out of the single market it has folded.

Tory MP Peter Bone slammed Sir Richard for being arrogant about the EU’s importance.

He told the Mail: “The Establishment, and I include Richard Branson in that now, is determined to thwart exiting the EU and this shows what they are up to.

“They do not accept the democratic view of the British people and think they know better, but this liberal elitism is one of the reasons people voted to come out. I’m sure the campaign will have tons of money but it will still fail as the British people know they want to take control, be an independent sovereign country again.

“I’m disappointed someone who runs an international airline would think the EU is that important. I’m sure some people will decide to no longer fly with Virgin Atlantic.”

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