Biden Doubles Down: People Who Spread ‘Misinformation’ Should Be Deplatformed ‘EVERYWHERE’ Forever

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Biden admin says Americans who spread disinformation online should be deplatformed everywhere forever

The Biden administration has doubled down on the U.S. government’s censorship of Americans, declaring that Americans who spread ‘misinformation’ online should be banned from all platforms permanently.

Psaki on Thursday proudly boasted the federal government is censoring American citizens and flagging “problematic” social media posts for Facebook to remove.

“We’ve increased disinformation research and tracking within the Surgeon General’s office,” Psaki told reporters on Thursday. “We’re flagging problematic posts for Facebook that spread disinformation.”

On Friday Psaki doubled down and declared that Americans who post “misinformation” should be completely unpersoned from every single online platform that exists now and in the future.

“You shouldn’t be banned from one platform and not others if you providing ‘misinformation’ out there,” Psaki breathlessly told a room of unquestioning reporters. reports: The Biden Administration is publicly admitting that Americans who do not fall in line with their agenda do not have the right to participate in the exchange of commerce and ideas online.



  1. This is exactly what they were like about the MILLIONS of innocents they tortured to death sadistically in dungeons for 450 years .They deny it if course. Anyone who would defend a witch her husband or mother or children or sisters or brothers was a witch too .That’s his they got away with that one .Every witch had to sign the bill when the cops came and arrested her , for the costs of the warrant the fists to transport her to the dungeon, to strip her, shave her entire body, torture her ,every torture was an added bill, ,fit her confession to be written up, expensive since a crafty lawyer had to draft it ,for her court appearances, and I’d she survived the tortures ,very very few did ,then for all the costs to burn her and then dispose of her remains Also all of her assets houses shops farms clothes jewels bank accounts cash etcetera had to be confiscated to the Church and Crown ,as only a priest could exorcise them of her evil plague of witchcraft.Thats them .

  2. “Misinformation” or “disinformation” is still free speech, and if they want to defeat it, it must be by the promulgation of truth, not censorship. But truth is not on this regime’s side! There was a joke in the former Soviet Union: “There is no truth in Pravda (Russian for ‘Truth’), and no news in Izvestia (‘The News’).”

  3. Heresy their mob call it .The earth is flat and is the centre if the universe and all wealthy widows who own a cat, and a small fortune must be witches That’s them. Their moral integrity and omniscient all seeing knowledge .

  4. 100% can`t get the shot as not everyone can have it so what is the % of americans that CAN have the shot-that is the logical goal

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