New Documents Prove Turkey Supports ISIS

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New documents prove that Turkey colluded with ISIS financially and strategically

Sources in Syria have released fresh new evidence that prove that Turkey are secretly supporting ISIS and their regime of terror across the world.

The Foreign Relations Commission of the Democratic Self-Administration of Rojava has unearthed documents such as fake passports, visas, ID cards, and money transfers to ISIS militants from sources in Turkey.

The new evidence implicating Turkey as a state sponsor of terrorism comes just few months after Russia found proof that Turkey illegally armed ISIS militants in Syria.

The Canary reports:

The documents originated in Turkey or involved Turkey as a transit country, and suggest that the movements of Daesh members have consistently been approved by elements within the Turkish authorities.

Arms smuggling by Turkish authorities

In January 2015, documents pertaining to the Turkish military were leaked online, showing that Turkey’s intelligence services (MIT) had been caught by military officers transporting missiles, mortars and anti-aircraft ammunition via trucks “to the al-Qaeda terror organisation” in Syria. Public prosecutor Aziz Takci, who had ordered the trucks to be searched, was removed from his post, and 13 soldiers involved in the search were taken to court on charges of espionage.

According to Daesh suspects facing trial in Turkey, the MIT had begun smuggling arms, including NATO weapons to jihadi groups in Syria as early as 2011.

The security officers had spotted cardboard boxes inside the metallic container with “fragile” marked on them. On opening the boxes, they then found munitions hidden in crates below boxes of medicine. Cumhuriyet said the trucks were carrying around 1,000 mortar shells, hundreds of grenade launchers and more than 80,000 rounds of ammunition for light and heavy weapons.

The Turkish government also arrested four prosecutors who had ordered the search of the vehicles near the Syrian border, as well as more than 30 security officers – all of whom faced charges of military espionage and of attempting to overthrow the government.

In due course, Cumhuriyet posted on its website a video showing MIT trucks being inspected by security officers in January 2014. Today’s Zaman subsequently reported how the government ordered a gagging order to prevent the video from being published. A copy of the video can be seen below:

Human Rights Watch commented at the time that the incident exposed “murky dimensions to Turkey’s involvement with the conflict in Syria and the Turkish government’s concern to prevent any legal scrutiny of Turkish intelligence operations”.

Daesh using the FSA as cover

In July 2015, Turkish officials met with Turkmen forces in Syria to arrange their help in the planned (August 2016) offensive against the YPG/YPJ militias of northern Syria (the male and female militias defending the autonomous and multi-ethnic communities of Rojava). Other meetings to plan the offensive weresubsequently arranged, and have been reported on by The Canary.

There was also an allegation in a video by a Daesh fighter captured by the YPG/J-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) that he and other Daesh jihadis had been masquerading as a unit of the FSA funded by Turkey.

The official website of the Ceyş el-Siwar (Revolutionaries’ Army) published a confession by al-Sahaba Brigade member Ebdullah el-Ubeyd, who was captured in the village of Mariamın (liberated by the SDF in recent days with the support of Western airstrikes). Ebdullah el-Ubeyd confessed that his brigade is controlled by Jabhat al-Nusra (now known as Jabhat Fatah Al Sham), Ahrar al-Sham, and Daesh gangs – which were responsible for attacks on the SDF villages of Keshtaar and Mariamın.

Ebdullah Mihemed el-Xazî el-Ubeyd stated that this group is led by Ebû Mihemed el-Newêjî, and all its leading figures are affiliated with Daesh. He explained that the Turkish state supports their group financially, and added that members of the al-Sahaba Brigade, Jabhat al-Nusra (Fatah al Sham), Ahrar al-Sham and Daesh conducted attacks against Aleppo’s Azaz region under the name of the Free Syrian Army.

US long aware of FSA-al-Qaeda link

The US (and its coalition allies) has been aware of the links between Free Syrian Army jihadists and al-Qaeda for a long time. Here is just one previously published report indicating that knowledge from the Brookings Institute:

…while rarely acknowledged explicitly in public, the vast majority of the Syrian insurgency has coordinated closely with Al-Qaeda since mid-2012 – and to great effect on the battlefield.

Now, with the recent publication of the photographic evidence of Turkey-Daesh and Turkey-al-Qaeda collusion, there is proof beyond doubt that Turkey’s invasion of northern Syria was not about attacking Daesh, but entirely about limiting SDF advances.

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