Biden HHS Official Rachel Levins Vows To Normalize Sex Change Surgery for Kids

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Dr. Rachel Levine, Assistant Secretary for Health for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), promised that medically changing kids' genders will soon be normalized.

Democrats have latched on to the issue of transgenderism, especially with children, and are determined to make it common, regardless of public opinion. Some members of the Biden administration seem to have made this a part of their political platform, going so far as to use the power of government to force it on the public.

According to FOX News, Dr. Rachel Levine, Assistant Secretary for Health for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), promised that medically changing kids’ genders will soon be normalized. At the Pediatric Grand Rounds session at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center in Hartford, Levine spoke about the “gender-affirming care” and the high level of support for gender-affirming care for minors in the Biden administration. “But I’m a positive and optimistic person, and I choose to be positive, optimistic. And I think that the wheels will turn on this,” Levine said.

Levine also spoke about the Florida Parental Rights in Education law and the political implications of gender reassignment surgery taking place at children’s hospitals. “I think that it’s not going to be politically advantageous. It wasn’t particularly in 2022. And so I think that as we look to all the different elections in 2024, I think the next two years are going to be challenging. But I am positive and optimistic and hopeful that the wheel will turn after that and that this issue won’t be as politically and socially such a minefield,” Levine added.

Camille Paglia, an academic who is known for her liberal views, has called this child abuse.

While conservative talk host Jesse Kelly sees signs of hope in this battle and believes that Republicans need to show more support for the rights of parents.

This is an important fight that should not be ignored.


  1. More stories to act as anchors and keep the sheep in their paddocks for the good shepherd’s harvest.

  2. This whole topic is just to hide the causes. In reality our male or female traits are cultural till the body start producing male or female hormones the brain from a neurological point is capable of the same things, therefore there should be no difference in children till the puberty. But we have increased birth defects from pesticides and other things. Artificial hormones influence children early on from phthalates in plastics and hormones from dairy or meat products and surely pesticides and medicament residue in drinking water. A male that has birth defects to severe lead sometimes to the decision to make it look female by operation but this can’t make the male a female as he can’t get pregnant or have the period, also the hormones can cause cancers. Implants of breast need to be exchanged regularly and at some point may be no monney left. In general people should try to make peace with there born body. There are male men and feminine men and woman who are more feminine or masculine. It doesn’t matter much

    • Ultrasounds. Vaccinations in child hood X rays in adults EMF s everywhere Radio waves All of sciences creations have caused massive devastation to God’s Creation.

  3. Seems not evryone understand the brain of a child should be free of hormones till they are produced in puberty, babies should not have those hormones allready, they where many scandals with milkbottles or powder, but there are hormones wich influence the brain from plastics dairy or meat, as we give hormones to cows too. Basically people get confused more cause of hormones that we consume unknowingly. As long we have hormones in our food and water supply people will be confused. But the hormones change in male and female in the age so the chaos is not necessary to some degree it’s normal. People should accept there born body. Changing your gender is more an imitation, it will bring more complications later as the artificial hormones can cause cancers and rapid aging later. Instead of focusing on your body it’s better to focus on something that fulfill your life doing a job that you like or following hobbies. There are many ways to express yourself. But irreversible thing’s should be avoided if not necessary.

      • I know that we all consuming hormones by mistake and yes it influences the mind, but if people are more aware of the cause. Then maybe we could try to reduce the cause of hormones in our food and drinking water. Those are real problems world-wide. We can see it with animals and in fish too.

  4. Transvestite used to be someone who liked dressing in the clothes and have the appearance of the opposite sex. It was not always linked to sexual orientation – straight men liked to do it at times.

    Trans-sexuals were those who wanted ‘to be’ a member of their opposite sex. This had various situations, from those who were content to dress and behave and live a lifestyle of the opposite sex, to those who wanted to have partial or total physical and chemical changes.

    This usually took place over a number of years under psychiatric and medical supervision – certainly it was never children – generally to make sure the individual was certain, as some of the process could not be reversed. Normally the individual would be expected to live as a member of their chosen sexual identity for at least a couple of years before doctors would agree to proceed to more permanent alterations. Some who originally wanted the full conversion, decided only a partial transition.

    This all went on quietly with nobody really knowing a

  5. Nothin new as they take a walk on the wide side since the 60`s.Maybe keep the leftover parts in a jar jar just in case.Like they did with my fingers toes lips and ear which all went right back on in microsurgery and even after 70 years they still work

  6. If you’re trying to pick out the most ridiculous fool in the Biden team, its hard to go past this Levine bloke.

  7. Oh look a hideous ugly dress wearing man tells us mutilating the bodies of innocent children and psychologically damaging them is ok and a normal thing,yeah ok got it…

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