Biden-Linked Ukraine Biolabs Developed COVID-19 Three Months before Pandemic Began

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Biden-linked Ukraine biolab researched COVID-19 three months before pandemic began

Biden-linked Ukraine biolabs conducted secret research into COVID-19 at least three months before the Pandemic swept the globe, new government documents reveal.

One America News Network anchor Pearson Sharp explained on his show last week how the War in Ukraine is being used by the American ‘Deep State’ to launder hush money to Ukrainian politicians and oligarchs with dirt on the Biden family.

“In all the tens of thousands of emails from Hunter Biden’s disgusting laptop, it’s been confirmed by independent cybersecurity experts that Joe Biden’s son was actually financing biological laboratories in Ukraine,” Pearson said. reports: Continuing, Pearson touched on Moscow’s repeated complaints about the biolabs and their calls for transparency regarding Hunter Biden’s connection to the facilities.

The OAN reporter described how Hunter’s firm Rosemont Seneca invested over a million dollars into a company called Metabiota to engage in work on the Ukraine biolabs.

Metabiota is a subcontractor for a DOD engineering firm called Black & Veatch.

Government records show the DOD funded Ukrainian biolabs in Ukraine for Covid-19 research three months before the name Covid-19 was given to the virus.

The specific laboratory selected for the Covid-19 research prior to the virus being identified was the Black & Veatch lab directly connected to Hunter Biden via Metabiota.

Breaking down the spider web of connections, Pearson told his viewers, “You have the disgraced son of the Vice President of The United States hired to do favors for a corrupt Ukrainian gas company, and who is also connecting that company with a bioweapons research firm doing research on the coronavirus before it was even released.”

Continuing, the OAN anchor asked, “Is Joe Biden personally responsible for helping to create Covid-19? Maybe this isn’t the China virus at all, but the Biden Virus.”

Pearson pointed out the Covid-19 virus that helped Joe Biden “rig” the 2020 election, is now being covered up via the war in Ukraine where the illegal Hunter Biden-linked biolabs were working on Covid research prior to the actual outbreak.

Russia has been accusing the Biden family of engaging in illegal biological weapon research for months now, but mainstream media largely ignores the claims.

For example, Western media never told citizens diplomats representing billions of people worldwide voiced their concerns about the labs during an emergency United Nations Security Council meeting in early March.

Representatives for Ghana, India, Brazil, Kenya, China, Mexico and Gabon requested further information regarding the United States secretly funding illegal biological research in Ukraine and other countries across the globe.

The media cannot allow the people of the globe to learn about the Covid-19 connection to the Ukraine biolabs because it would create a justifiable reason for Putin’s invasion of the country.

After all, Russia has stated the labs as the number two reason for the military operation behind “deNazifying” Ukraine.

In March, the Russian Embassy in Bosnia accused the U.S. of “filling Ukraine with biolabs, which were – very possibly – used to study methods for destroying the Russian people at the genetic level.”

Summarizing his report, Pearson stated, “Russia may have even had a moral obligation to fight back against the bioterrorism that America is apparently conducting in Ukraine. Is it a coincidence that one of the biggest bioweapons labs in the world is located in Mariupol which Russia just fought to liberate from the Ukrainian Nazis who are funded and trained by America.”

“Russia is not the aggressor here,” he continued. “In reality, it’s the United States and the Pentagon, with its allies in Europe and NATO, who are responsible for triggering and instigating this conflict. The critics and warmongers will call this Russian propaganda, but if you’ve listened to a single word of this report, you know that’s not true.”

Alternative media is totally destroying legacy media by covering bombshell stories like the Ukrainian biolab network that the mainstream’s handlers won’t let them touch.


    • Oh yeah. They have same kind of Pentagon-run biolabs in China. The nCov was developed in US, shipped to Canada and then to China where it was released. The goal was to kill as many people as possible and create panic and terror. Virus itself have genetic markers aimed specifically at Asian males.

      • I think there are different versions of the vaccine. some were designed to get the receiver susceptible to tissue cancers, some were to cause cardio system failures, some were to cause mental issues, some were to cause sterility, some were feminize men, some were to cause auto immune disorders and God only knows what else. some were strictly placebos or distilled water. None were actually designed to help you prevent covid. that I am sure of.

        millions of people lined up and volunteered to be Lab animals for their experiment. astonishing to me.

  1. Not surprised if true. But the war might have destroyed lingering physical evidence to support this (maybe
    conveniently). Too bad they forgot to leave the laptop on the rooftop.

  2. I sometimes think that covid, lock-downs, masks, food shortages, high gas prices, inflation, the coming blackouts, the coming fall of the economy in the fall, are just the “revenge of the elite”. I think they are angry that people ere able to raise the minimum wage, and this is payback. They are thinking, “how dare our slaves force us to give them a living wage. They considered it an outrage. This is all just a tit for tat vendetta from our masters, the evil overlords think they own us, and expect total obedience, and no complaints no matter how much they mistreat, torture and abuse us, they think just because they are ugly, soulless and miserable and we are happy and have souls and are not ugly and horrible to look at like they are, we owe them something. Kind of like Beto was thinking, when the wrote this: ““As I neared the young ones, I put all my weight on my right foot, keeping the accelerator pedal on the floor until I heard the crashing of the two children on the hood, and then the sharp cry of pain from one of the two. I was so fascinated for a moment, that when after I had stopped my vehicle, I just sat in a daze, sweet visions filling my head,” They are vicious sadists. punishing us for standing up to their sadism and for our God given right to freedom. Freemasons must renounce God and worship Lucifer. They are all freemasons running this world now everyone taking part in this gun grab, are hypocrites who hate children and are pro abortion, and they use dead children to push gun laws. Everyone who takes part in these hoaxes, do it for compensation and they are all freemasons, who worship Lucifer. They don’t care about us and they don’t give a dam about any victims, even children.

    • you are partly correct, partly incorrect. I do agree this is punishment for liking Trump and freedom. but the minimum wage is actually their weapon. they are responsible of the hike of the minimum wage. this will only hurt the bottom feeder businesses, not the elite beast system businesses. But yes the revenge punishment part, you are directly over target. This is what you get for making us have to cheat so much on the last elections. You are going to get it.

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