Biden Mumbles Incoherently While Reading Notes During Meeting With Israeli President

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Joe Biden and Israeli president

Concerns over the state of Joe Biden’s physical health heightened on Tuesday when he was filmed indecipherably mumbling while reading his notes during a White House meeting with the Israeli President.

Biden, who was slumped in his chair while ‘reading’ from the note cards he had resting on his lap, barely looked at President Isaac Herzog during the sit down.

Despite leaning heavily on his notes, Biden still struggled with city names.

InfoWars reports: Biden’s latest faux pas unfolded Tuesday as he tried to deliver remarks on America’s partnership with Israel while seated beside Herzog, whose alert demeanor juxtaposed Biden’s lifeless energy.

At one point Biden kept his head down while reading talking points verbatim off a memo he had handily available.

The incident was immediately called out online as more evidence of Biden’s deteriorating mental and physical states, proving he’s unfit to run a country, let alone receive 81 million votes.

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