Biden’s DHS To Begin Arresting Anti-Feminists: “They Are Domestic Terrorists”

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Biden's DHS to begin arresting anti-feminists

Biden’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has declared that people who espouse anti-feminist views will be labelled ‘domestic terrorists’.

The DHS claims that the “Manosphere” is a clear and present danger to the United States which must be stomped out as a matter of urgency. reports: What’s noteworthy is that reports say the government, via DHS, has now apparently picked its side in this ongoing social and cultural to-and-fro between the two groups.

And now, Arizona State University (ASU) is shown to have forged (monetary) links with DHS thanks to documents that have become public. As reported by Zero Hedge, specifically, the school’s McCain Institute is involved here, which in turn has ties with Big Tech and like-minded NGOs – such as ADL and SPLC.

It doesn’t help matters that the stated goals in the now-revealed documents’ goals is to promote “hate speech surveillance” – nor does indeed, “redirecting traffic” from both websites and social networks as a means to do it, apparently a method to be used under the grant.

However, this isn’t the first DHS foray into spending money and teaming up with US universities to work against a number of issues that appear closer to its tasks, namely, actual terrorism, but also probing the activities of those who express patriotic political sentiment, and even preppers.

As for the money given to ASU, it is part of TVPT (Targeted Violence and Terrorism Prevention) scheme which, according to DHS itself, last year went to 34 recipients, and was worth $20 million.

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