Bill Gates Demands The Right To Censor ‘Insane People’ Who Oppose Him On the Internet

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According to the self-appointed world health czar Bill Gates, the next pandemic is on the horizon and the vaccines must be rolled out faster and dissenting voices on the internet must be censored.

Covid was just a warmup, according to Gates, who is already warning about the next scamdemic and boasting about “giant mRNA factories” that will churn out all sorts of new vaccines at a rate that will make Operation Warp Speed look pedestrian.

“Next time what we’ll have is factories that are able to produce [vaccines] far faster, and so just in months you should be able to make enough for the world,” Gates recently said.

“So we’ll have enough supply so that prioritization won’t matter because we’ll cover everyone.” Gates also has plans to “vaccinate” the entire food supply. Watch:

Folly Bah Thibault, the Al Jazeera host who spoke to Gates just before Christmas about the matter, introduced the topic by saying:

“We’re not quite out of the woods yet with this current pandemic, and it’s sobering that we have to think about the next pandemic when we’re just now enjoying the things that we like to do in life.”

“Why and how ready should we be for the next pandemic?” she went on to ask Gates, to which he responded:

“Well, governments are there to protect us … but the [covid] pandemic is a disaster that they did not prepare for. The actual resources required to have a global surveillance team to make better diagnostic technologies, to do quick detection. It’s actually not going to be that expensive once the world gets organized and makes it a priority.”

Midway through the interview, Thibault brought up the “misinformation and disinformation” that was spread, especially about Gates himself. She said, “you yourself were the target of some bizarre rightwing conspiracy theories, and when it came to the vaccine of course, […] and how did you deal with it?”

Bill found the question amusing and answered by saying:

It was quite a surprise, you know it was people looking for simple explanations, looking for you know one bad actor to simplify the surprise of what was going on.

The digital channels definitely amplified that, [which] let people resonate with strange ideas. It’s tragic that that probably prevented some people from using masks or taking the vaccine when they needed it. It did lead to polarization and even more death than we had to experience.

You know I believe that the ability to communicate worldwide there’s huge benefits that flow out of that, and now we have to moderate some of the insanity that you know prevents people from helping themselves.

It’s not if but WHEN the next “pandemic” is unleashed

According to Gates, it is not simply a possibility that there will be another scamdemic. He has repeatedly stated, including most recently to Al Jazeera, that there will be another one at some point.

It is not a “matter of if but when,” Gates revealed, warning that people and governments need to “actively prepare” for the next round of global tyranny, which is sure to eclipse the last round.

Gates wants to see a whole lot more vaccines, a whole lot more testing kits, and a whole lot more tyranny the next time a scary disease gets circulated in the news cycle.

“Picking how we strengthen WHO – create a special organization dedicated to pandemics,” Gates said, adding that efforts must continue being made to “get every country to practice” the things he says need to happen for the next plandemic.

“So we need a little bit of preparation so that we can stop something before it goes global,” he added. “So we’ll have lots of outbreaks but we need to have less pandemics.”

Creating a “worldwide surveillance” apparatus of the kind Gates desires is expensive. In order to pay for it, he wants the wealthiest countries in the world, including the United States, to spend $2-$3 billion annually for preparedness purposes.

Gates always wants to see all old people vaccinated first, this next time around. Young people should only get injected, he says, after all the older people have already rolled up their sleeves.

Either way, Gates wants there to be plenty of vaccines to go around for everyone, which means billions of dollars must be poured into Big Pharma’s coffers now in order to create more factories and product lines in anticipation of the next scamdemic.

“We have to make it visible how important these issues are,” Gates stressed. “If the kids were dying in our neighborhood, you know we’d buy the bed nets and we’d make it a priority.”

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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  1. Gates – an insane satanic psychopath calling those of us who oppose him & his evil insane. 100% projection.

    • i kind of think he is a little chicken that is controlled and really doesn’t own anything. I think he is frightened that if he doesn’t keep his handler happy, they will release his little kid videos and sic the IRS on him.
      All these people are a mirage. they are not for real. they are not at all what you think of them. Their immorals have led them to be enslaved by the central bankers who tell them what to do when to do it, where to go.
      Bill is not his own man. Same with Elon.

      look at the billionaire Kanye. turns out he only has a 100 million in his control, for now. They took it all away from him in a couple of days.

      Those accounts were not his, his name was on them, but they were not his in the end.

  2. Bill, only an insane person would AGREE with you.
    Those opposing you are the sanest, most sensible people on the planet.

  3. Writing one of the most security deficient operating systems in the world does not make BIll Gates an expert on pandemics.

  4. Bill Gates is terminally INSANE: He is a lost cause.
    Grandiose Narcissism
    Sadistic Personality Disorder
    Habitual Pathological Liar
    Infantile Personality Disorder
    Histrionic Personality Disorder
    Gender Dysphoria
    Messiah complex
    Intermittent Explosive disorder.
    He is anal retentive
    Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder.
    And now with this latest claim, he is clearly Paranoid Delusional
    He is Psychotic and a harm to himself and others and should be locked up,
    just to save the entire world from his constant threats.

  5. Gates openly wants to depopulate the world, while at the same time calling for us all to get vaccinated. It doesn’t take a genius to connect the dots.

  6. It’s an inditement against humanity that there aren’t organized hit-teams fighting against each other to gain the absconding of Gates so that he can be tortured for a minimum of three days with needle-nose pliers and a blow-torch; and on the 4th day–Fed Alive To Hogs!!!

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