Bizarre ‘Bio Warfare’ Storm Kills Five In Kuwait

Fact checked
A "bio warfare" storm has killed 5 people in Kuwait just days after a similar storm hit Australia killing 6 and leaving thousands hospitalized

A bizarre “bio warfare” storm has killed five people in Kuwait, just days after a similar storm hit Australia killing six and leaving thousands of others hospitalized. 

Five expatriate workers died from “severe asthma attacks” during the freak storms, as torrential rain hit Kuwait on Friday.

According to local news, two Egyptians and a 35-year-old Indian immigrant passed away at Mubarak Al-Kabir Hospital during the unusual weather.

Two other people died of asthma after reporting to a hospital in the district of Al-Farwaniya.

Unprecedented Deadly Weather Event

This latest bout of deaths comes just days after 9,000 people were hospitalized and 6 others killed due to “thunderstorm asthma” hitting Australia – leaving emergency services stretched beyond capacity.

Speculation has risen that the weather events might be due to some  kind of biological warfare agents being tested on humans.

So far in Kuwait, just seven other people have been hospitalized due to the freak weather, in the intensive care unit at Mubarak Al-Kabir.

We will keep tracking the ‘bio warfare’ weather around the globe, and update you on any further developments.