Biological Male Crowned Miss Silver State USA

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Biological male crowned miss silver state USA

A biological man who idenfities as a woman has been crowned Miss Silver State USA – the biggest preliminary competition for the Miss Nevada USA pageant.

Kataluna Enriquez won against other females in the competition, putting him in the position to compete for Miss Nevada USA – also paving the way for him to win bigger contests such as Miss USA and Miss Universe.

“Miss Silver State was a great experience,” Enriquez told FOX 5, describing it as a “celebration of womanhood and diversity and this celebration of being your true self.” reports: Enriquez detailed his experiences competing in other pageants outside of the state, one of which asked for documents from a doctor. The competitor described the request as “invasive.”

“It brought me back to time where I felt like I was not welcome,” Enriquez said as the outlet noted that he was not assigned a roommate by the competition, which Enriquez declined to name out of fear of retribution:

Enriquez said she understands change doesn’t come easily and some beauty pageants may not be ready for transgender title holders. FOX5 looked at the rules of the pageant Enriquez said discriminated against her and nowhere do they say competitors must be born biologically female.

“I have a great feeling about Nevada … I am looking forward to it,” Enriquez added.

The news comes as Democrats continue to pursue the Equality Act, which effectively changes the legal recognition of sex in favor of gender identity, opening the doors for biological males to compete in women’s competitions and operate in traditionally single-sex spaces, such as locker rooms and homeless shelters.

Glamour magazine recently included a biological male in this year’s Women of the Year awards, identifying transgender model and activist Munroe Berdorf as a “gamechanging influencer.”


  1. Why does the left hate Women so much? Sad thing is most women in this country are too stupid to even realize it.

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