Video: The Massive Nuclear Crisis In The U.S. No One Talks About…

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In Washington State lies a little secret nuclear catastrophe that no one really ever seems to talk about. While Fukushima and even 3-Mile Island still dominate headlines and command attention – odds are you do not know about the Hanford Site.

It’s no big deal (kidding) – it’s just been spilling nuclear radioactive waste for FIFTY YEARS – 50 YEARS!

Exposing Truth explains:

Now semi-decomissioned, radioactive waste continues to leak from its 177 underground tanks containing roughly 55,000,000 gallons of highly radioactive “heavy” water. This is likely the biggest U.S. nuclear crisis you have never heard of.

Admittedly, this Fukushima style facility (of which quite a few exist in the US) has only failed to contain 68 of its 177 tanks. This crisis continues to pollute the Colombia River today, and has gotten worse as whistleblowers continued to be fired.

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