Birds Falling From Sky 378 Miles From East Palestine As Gov’t Insists Ground Zero Is Safe For Humans

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Birds are falling from the sky and animals are falling sick as far away as 378 miles from the East Palestine, Ohio train derailment site, according to reports, as the Biden administration continues to insist the air and water at ground zero is safe for humans.

Animals are falling sick and dying near the site of the train derailment which released toxic chemicals into the air — sparking fears of the potential health impacts the crash could have on humans.

The CDC edited the toxicology profile for vinyl chloride, massively increasing the lethal exposure level and removing information about how the chemical affects children, just two weeks before the train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio that spewed vast quantities of the chemical into the environment.

Taylor Holzer, owner of a dairy farm just outside the evacuation zone in East Palestine, told WKBN several foxes he keeps on his property have become mortally ill.

“Out of nowhere, he just started coughing really hard, just shut down, and he had liquid diarrhea and just went very fast,” Holzer told the outlet of one of his animals.

He said others have developed watery eyes and puffy faces, and have uncharacteristically refused to eat for several days.

“Smoke and chemicals from the train, that’s the only thing that can cause it, because it doesn’t just happen out of nowhere,” Holzer said. “The chemicals that we’re being told are safe in the air, that’s definitely not safe for the animals … or people.”

The Biden administration wants East Palestine residents to “trust the government”

NYPost reports: A cocktail of deadly chemicals — including highly toxic vinyl chloride and hydrogen chloride — spilled out after 50 cars on a Norfolk Southern Railroad train derailed en route to Pennsylvania.

Inhaling vinyl chloride fumes can induce dizziness, nausea, headache, and breathing complications, University of Toledo environmental engineering professor Ashok Kumar told ABC News.

Professor Kevin Crist, the director of Ohio University’s Air Quality Center, noted that the chemical can also cause cancer of the liver and other organs.

“Breathe those in under heavy concentrations, and it’s really bad for you,” Crist told the network. “It’s like an acid mist. It’s not something that you want to be around in high concentrations.”

But scattered reports of dead animals well outside the original evacuation zone continue to stoke fears.

“My video camera footage shows my chickens were perfectly fine before they started this burn, and as soon as they started the burn, my chickens slowed down and they died,” said Amanda Breshears of North Lima. “If it can do this to chickens in one night, imagine what it’s going to do to us in 20 years.”

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Baxter Dmitry

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  1. The people “within” Our Government Also Insisted on the jab and now We have “Sudden Death”… WE ARE AT WAR UNDERCOVER OF LIES & FALSE FLAGS…

    Neutralizing These Murderers Is Justifiable self-Defense – Sooner Rather Than Later.

  2. Every evil and un natural thing on this planet has gone from the bowels of science Science revered by the Pope as our new Saviour, giving us Hope, he says of a better world. Perverse.

  3. Well, Satan’s Children were put here on OUR planet to kill us
    Humans (White Christians) and destroy God’s Creation!
    I’d say they’ve just about completed their mission!

  4. There are areas in France where chemical weapons were used by the allies to dislodge Germans during WW1, that even today are off limits, perinatally contaminated by the chemicals just as if they were nuked. Phosgene gas was detected by the EPA as one contaminant in the air over Palestine. Residents that havent done so should pack up, family, belongings (if willing to clean them again later too) pets, etc as much as possible an bug out. Find a spot somewhere to visit, camp etc and DONT go back. Sue the Government or appropriate officials for the costs encored , and for loss of house and property, with an open end for passable future medical problems. Blowing up and burning intact tanks instead of draining them into other vessels, is malfeasance and incompetence

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