Bison At Yellowstone Attacks Woman Trying To Take Selfie

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A woman visiting Yellowstone National Park tried to take a selfie with a bison and was attacked.

According to GeoBeats News [1]:

Given their immense heft, it doesn’t seem like bison would be incredibly fast-moving creatures, yet they are fully capable of outrunning a human.

That’s among the many reasons people are advised not get too close to them.

One woman visiting Yellowstone National Park, however, couldn’t resist trying to get a selfie with one.

The animal was about 6 yards away from her and her daughter. When they turned their backs, the bison charged in their direction.

When they heard it coming they tried to run, but the mother ended up getting lifted and thrown into the air.

She was taken to the park’s Old Faithful Clinic and treated for minor injuries.

The family said that they’d read the warnings about getting too close to the animals, but after seeing others doing so decided to give it a try.

This was the 5th bison attack to occur at the park this year, and the third involving a photo attempt. The National Park Service strongly advises visitors to leave the animals alone, stressing that though they can appear to be docile, bison are powerful and unpredictable.



Royce Christyn
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