Bizarre Orange Snow Submerges Tourist Resorts In Russia

Fact checked

Bizarre orange colored snow has wafted across many northern hemisphere countries leaving residents terrified about what the cause may be.

Cities around Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria and Romania have all reported the strange orange snow phenomenon, with ski resorts and other tourist destinations all blanketed by it.

It is unclear what caused the orange snow with speculation ranging from pollution to a nearby sandstorm.

According to the Express: Scientists have blamed the eerie snow tint, which varied from light yellow to intense orange and even brown, on a mix of sand and pollen.

Experts from the Sochi Centre of Hydrometeorology and Monitoring of the Black and Azov Seas were sent to test the strange sight yesterday.

A spokesman for the centre said the cause of the phenomenon was likely winds carrying sand from the Sahara, which then fell as rain.

However, they also predicted that things will be back to normal within days. 

A similar incident that took place in Siberia in 2007. Russia’s environmental watchdog at that time said the snow was reported to be “malodorous, oily and contain four times the normal level of iron”.

Could it be a chemtrail attack on millions of innocent people? Is it poisonous? or is it just ‘desert sand’ wafting over?



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