Black Crowd Cheers As White Woman Is Beaten to a Bloody Pulp at Juneteenth Riot

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Black crowd whoop and cheers as woman is beaten to a bloody pulp at Juneteenth riot

A huge black crowd of Juneteenth revellers cheered as a white woman was brutally beaten to a bloody pulp in the streets of a Long Branch, New Jersey district during the nation’s first Juneteenth federal holiday.

Police later responded to the scene while retail employees remained trapped in their shops as the rioters commemorated the end of slavery on the streets outside.

According to local media reports, the Juneteenth celebration, held in Long Branch’s Pier Village, descended into a full-blown riot with hundreds of people smashing up local businesses and property throughout the Pier Village area. reports: Local police advised residents to avoid the area, dispatching officers in riot gear to quell the unrest as retail employees, many of whom are under the age of 18, remained trapped in their places of employment as the crowd targeted storefronts for destruction. Additionally, police advised that “numerous fights” involving attacks on officers had broken out in the streets.

“Police have area locked down due to riots in the area,” a bulletin from the Ocean County Scanner read as the Juneteenth violence played out. “Parents are reporting their children are locked in businesses they work in with no way out. Reports of police in riot gear trying to control the scene. Numerous fights involving police, and vandalism. Avoid the area.”

Video footage recorded at the scene of the riotous Juneteenth celebration shows a pair of black women ruthlessly beating a white female attendee, as countless members of the crowd surrounded the group cheering on the violence and, at times, throwing their own jabs at the victim of the attack.

Additional video shows a mob of hundreds of rioters tearing through city streets as police struggled to keep the situation under control. As has been seen in recent race riots throughout the country, several rioters took breaks from the action to twerk while others danced on the tops of moving vehicles.

All told, police from multiple jurisdictions, including state authorities, descended on the riotous scene, eventually regaining control of the situation. While media reports on the riot have been few and far between, local outlets report that the riot’s cause is “unknown.” It is unclear how many – if any – arrests were made.


  1. And people have to understand exactly who has set tis all up and with what intentions They must have the freedom to know the truth about it They have to 7nderstand that it’s all part if a master plan and that it began to emerge ,surface , almost 60 years ago .The baby steps leading to this point To her bloodied battered body And it’s just the beginning

  2. A huge mistake to make this a federal holiday, Now we see the reason. Another excuse for the perpetuate victimhood mentality among african american and for them to act out in violence. It is past Time for all black americans to grow the f up. Democrats have continued to enable and condone this behaviour. It is evil. They are evil.

    • ” It is past Time for all black americans to grow the f up. ”

      I prefer them to GO BACK HOME !
      Plenty of Cruise Liners empty nowadays because of COVID so use these to ferry Blacks BACK where they belong to !

      • from wikipedia “Liberia began as a settlement of the American Colonization Society (ACS), who believed black people would face better chances for freedom and prosperity in Africa than in the United States.[7] The country declared its independence on July 26, 1847. ”
        Liberia is currently one of the most dangerous crime ridden places on earth. Left to it own means without the “systemic racism” of the USA, blacks did not prosper only stagnate in crime, drugs and violence. Hmmm.

          • ” Unlike weak liberals ”

            I would avoid claiming they’re WEAK .
            I has never been a good idea ti under-estimate the enemy . . .

  3. … let me get this straight, a couple dragged from their car in Chicago shot by Black Thugs, a white woman beaten by Black female thugs in Jersey and some how I am supposed to be the problem as a white male??? That is some real Effed up thinking right there….

  4. The only thing those guys are missing are the white pillow cases over their heads. They just spit on everything MLK preached.

    What is it about the Democrat Party sowing Racial Hatred? First it was the KKK, and now it’s the BLM.

  5. they are all filming it on their obama smart phones.
    Well, you know the girl is a self righteous self hating white person trying to be liked by the blacks, this is what you get when you hand feed the bears.
    “i going to the Juneteenth celebration, so i can prove that I am not one of those rascist white people we all hate” ” I may offer my help to assist some black people get an ID and use the internet”

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