Netanyahu Says Israel ‘Fully Supports’ US-Led Strikes Against Syria

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Benjamin Netanyahu has said that Israel “fully supports” airstrikes by the US, Britain and France on Syrian military targets.

The Israeli prime minister said the action proved ‘commitment to the fight against chemical weapons not limited to statements only’

The Times Of Israel reports: Trump’s determination and Israel’s support stands unchanged,” Netanyahu said.

“This morning, led by the Americans, the US, Britain, and France proved that their commitment to the fight against chemical weapons is not limited to statements only,” he went on.

Netanyahu said that it should be “clear to President Assad that his irresponsible efforts to obtain weapons of mass destruction and its use… and his willingness to allow Iran and its proxies to entrench themselves in Syria” put the country in danger.

Earlier Saturday, Netanyahu’s office reportedly ordered Israeli ministers not to talk about the US-led missile strikes, after a minister and lawmaker hailed the pre-dawn raids as a measured response to Damascus’ alleged use of chemical weapons.

According to Channel 10, Netanyahu’s office issued the directive hours after Housing Minister Yoav Galant said the joint military operation carried out by the US, Britain, and France sent “an important signal to the axis of evil — Iran, Syria, and Hezbollah.”

Galant, a member of the security cabinet and a former general, earlier tweeted that “the use of chemical weapons crosses a red line that humanity is no longer willing to accept.”

Zionist Union MK Tzipi Livni also welcomed the strikes on Saturday, saying “that world powers are sending the message that they will not tolerate the use of chemical weapons.” She also urged the US to prevent further Iranian military entrenchment in Syria, calling it “against global interest and dire for Israel.”

Earlier in the day, an unnamed official in Jerusalem said that Israel considered the strikes an “appropriate” response to the Syrian regime’s suspected chemical gas attack on the rebel-held town of Douma last week, and warned that Damascus’s actions put it in danger of further strikes, including against its leadership.

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