Blinken Faces Criminal Charges for Rigging 2020 Election on Behalf of Biden

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Blinken faces criminal charges for helping Biden rig the 2020 election

Secretary of State Antony Blinken faces possible criminal charges for helping the Biden campaign rig the 2020 election against President Trump, according to bombshell new testimony.  

In a major development in the ongoing probe of the deep state’s efforts to suppress the revelations from Hunter Biden’s “laptop from hell,” a former CIA official has testified that that he organized an influential letter from former intel officials to help Biden “win the election” — and was ordered to do so by a call from current Secretary of State Antony Blinken, who was then a senior Biden campaign official. reports: Mike Morell, who was at the time a former deputy director of the CIA, says he also coordinated with the Biden campaign on strategy for the letter’s release. Word of his revelations comes via a press release jointly issued by the chairmen of the House judiciary and intelligence committees late Thursday, first reported by the New York Post.  

Before diving into the new information, let’s briefly recap what was already known...

On Oct. 14, 2020, the New York Post reported that Hunter Biden exploited his father’s position for personal gain — with the apparent knowledge of his father. The story — which drew on emails on a laptop Hunter Biden abandoned at a Delaware computer repair shop — undermined Joe Biden’s denials that he’d communicated with Hunter about his international business schemes. 

Five days later, 51 former US intelligence officials issued a public statement assaulting the Post story, infamously declaring that it had “all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation,” and solemnly declaring their conviction that “American citizens should determine the outcome of elections, not foreign governments.” 

Media outlets credulously reported on the letter, which was also used by social media platforms to justify blocking the story. The Post’s Twitter account was even suspended for two weeksBiden cited the letter in a presidential debate, as he deflected Donald Trump’s exploitation of the damning Post story: 

The Post story was of course legitimate. And with today’s release, we know Morell organized the misleading letter from 51 former intelligence community officials after receiving a phone call from Blinken.  

In his private sworn testimony, Morell said Blinken called him on or about Oct 17 2020, and that the call “absolutely” triggered his intent to organize the letter, enlisting signatories that included James Clapper, John Brennan and Leon Panetta.  

Later that night, Blinken emailed Morell a USA Today story (likely this one) reporting that the FBI was probing whether the Post report had Russian origins. The email appeared to be the forwarding of an email from Blinken’s fellow Biden 2020 campaign staffer, Andrew Bates, who was serving as the director of rapid response.   

In his testimony, Morell said he organized the letter for two reasons — to “share our concern with the American people,” and to “help Vice President Biden…because I wanted him to win the election.” 

An Oct. 2020 Morell email to Brennan’s former chief of staff Nick Shapiro indicates the Biden campaign told Morell that the letter should first go to a certain Washington Post reporter — who hasn’t been outed yet — and that the campaign should get the letter too. Shapiro ended up first delivering the vessel of politically-motivated disinformation to Politico

After the debate in which Biden used the letter in his defense, Jeremy Bash — former CIA chief of staff, husband of CNN’s Dana Bash and now an MSNBC “national security analyst” — coordinated a phone call to Morell from Biden campaign manager Steve Richetti, who thanked Morrell for his handiwork

With Morell’s testimony in hand, Jim Jordan and Michael Turner — respectively, chairs of the House judiciary and intelligence committees — have now sent a 5-page letter to Blinken asking that he “identify all people with whom you communicated about the inception, drafting, editing, signing, publishing, or promotion” of the former intel-official letter,and “produce all documents and communications” referring to it.

Summarizing the sordid affair in their Thursday afternoon release, Jordan and Turner wrote: 

“Although the statement’s signatories have an unquestioned right to free speech and free association—which we do not dispute—their reference to their national security credentials lent weight to the story and suggested access to specialized information unavailable to other Americans. This concerted effort to minimize and suppress public dissemination of the serious allegations about the Biden family was a grave disservice to all American citizens’ informed participation in our democracy.”

Does this remind anyone else of the time an anonymous Biden official told AP that Zero Hedge was a Russian propaganda operation?


  1. No mention what horrible evidence is on this laptop, Hunter smokes crack takes cocain has sex with his sister his niece the “obama girls” a Chinese child screaming and bleeding while raped maybe 7 yrs old. Tons of secret deals. Theoretically the Biden regime should be in Prison. But still just lies. Hunter himself said enough so we all know he lied. The credit cards on pictures for taking drugs, this is pure psychopathy to think they are above the law. But it seems nothing happens really. Time to take of the velvet gloves.

  2. The show must go on. The people must be deceived at all times. They must be convinced the act is reality.

  3. Let me know when the indictments start rolling out. I’m sure I’ll be dead by then. they won’t do anything about the corruption in the China Joe crime family because if an investigation and subsequent indictments started being issued our government from the supreme court to the white house all the way down to the county dog catcher would be complicit. The American government is filled with perverted, power hungry, greedy sociopaths. Dirty deals, dishonesty and kick backs are standard operating procedure in the U.S. Stick a fork in it. America is finished and we can’t vote our way out of this. The 2020 and 2022 elections proved that. In a perfect world China Joe would never have become the fake, mask wearing president and many congressmen and senators would have been voted out a long, long time ago.

      • Many have been saying that for awhile now. Until I see some tangible results I’m having a hard time believing it. It’s been two and a half years since the brain dead potato was installed and I’m not seeing anything stopping his destruction of the Republic.

      • More Q garbage? Really? Is Hillary that fake assed Epstein compromised rapist Trump partied with in jail?? No? Because he installed all swamp things like Jeffy Sessions then Bill Epstein connected Barr who did nothing. Trump is no solution to ANY of our problems

  4. Not even 90 days prior to the Fedsurrection setup by Ray Epps, the guy that said he “orchestrated” the “insurrection”.

  5. Institutional courtesy flush lots more problems lurking in the ranks of the democrats after they get done ousting the biden crime family

  6. day after day,instead of helping the american people out of the economic mess the federal govt in partnership with the criminal big pharma hoax the corrupt govt focuses on pretending to be aghast at the corruption they all participate in.

  7. If we had a DOJ most important Democrats would be sitting in a Court Room tomorrow morning on various charges.

  8. The now all too familiar terminal inertia in the justice system will inevitably lead to acts of vigilantism. Mark my words.

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