BLM Planning Massive Uprising Against ‘Racist’ Vax Mandates – Dems Stunned Into Silence

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BLM vows to launch uprising against racist vax mandates

Black Lives Matter is planning a huge “uprising” over mandatory vaccinations and vaccine passports – a threat that has stunned Democratic lawmakers into silence.

Hawk Newsome, the co-founder and chairman of Black Lives Matter of Greater New York (BLMGNY), says New York City’s vaccine mandate is fundamentally racist, given the low rate of vaccination in the black community.

A whopping 85.6 percent of black people in the state of New York are completely unvaccinated, according to state data.

“I think, in a perfect world, [vaccine requirements] should be business by business. But it could be a slippery slope, so the mandate should be removed completely,” Newsome told the Washington Examiner.

“It’s not gonna be white men in suits on Wall Street who are gonna get stopped. There’s such hypocrisy in this thing.” reports: The Examiner points out some 70 percent of black people in New York City aged 18 to 44 have not received the injection. There is a variety of reasons claimed for the lag in shots, including religious beliefs and distrust of government.

“It’s black people who have a natural distrust of the vaccine,” Newsome said. He cited the Tuskegee Syphilis Study as an example of historic distrust by black people of the U.S. medical community, despite the fact vaccines are accessible to people of all racial groups.

BLMGNY is advocating for the complete abolition of vaccine requirements, not only in the city but also on a national level.

Newsome, a Baptist, told the news outlet he is especially worried the vaccine mandates do not allow for religious exemptions.

“How dare they remove religious exemptions? It’s the most disrespectful thing I’ve ever seen,” Newsome said. “Now the government has decided your God doesn’t matter? I love God.”

Chivona Newsome, a fellow co-founder of BLMGNY, threatened an “uprising” in the wake of the mandates.

“We’re putting this city on notice that your mandate will not be another racist social distance practice,” she declared at a protest on Monday, according to the Examiner report “Black people are not going to stand by, or you will see another uprising. And that is not a threat. That is a promise.”

“The vaccination passport is not a free passport to racism,” she concluded.

The pushback against vaccination requirements is not limited to the general NYC area.

As Breitbart News reported, a wider spectrum of black voters is driving down President Joe Biden’s approval rating after the administration mandated vaccines for medium and large businesses on September 8.

According to a Monday Morning Consult poll earlier this month, Biden’s job performance has shrunk five points to 71 percent among black voters since the vaccine mandate. Black voter disapproval of Biden also increased seven points to 24 percent.

The poll additionally indicates support for Biden’s handing of the coronavirus crisis has dropped nine points to 61 percent since the end of August.

The poll illustrates unvaccinated black voters have notched Biden’s job performance lower since the vaccine mandate.


  1. Don’t worry it will be very peaceful, just burning, looting and killing, the police will make sure no one stops them.

    • The Covid shots haven’t been tested on ANY people. The test is now.
      They did test them on ferrets though, and more than likely they were black or brown. They all died too.
      Truth doesn’t need race baiting.

  2. More manipulation Now rbey can entrap black people into being the anti social thugs who need to be disbanded. And act as the dissapointed goodies doing it. Typical social engineering Kill 2 birds with one stone and still at the Black people’s champion Were just misunderstood, all that crap.

  3. when brown people makes shot for brown people and when black people makes a shot for black people and native america makes a shot for the indian nation them maybe they will have some trust in those shots

  4. The Black people are God’s chosen people not the white fake Israelites. The first image/painting of Mary was painted by Saint Luke a disciple who knew Mary. She is Black skinned in that painting. The first visitation/bilocation of Mary Mother of God, in Spain while she was still alive is recorded in the statue of her created after her visit=Our lady of the pillar. The statue is Black. Descriptions of Jesus in the Bible=wooly hair feet of bronze. There are still Black Ethiopian Jews who can trace back to Biblical times with the relics. over 500 images/paintings and statues in Europe, are of Black Jesus and Mary. Even Hitler called them “God’s chosen people and He said the white jews were imposters”. There is no question. Black people are determined and the best fighters Male or female=they can kick any white butt with ease. They have courage and they can win any War. White people not so much, too complacent to even start a revolution. Black people know right from wrong-good from evil and will stand up to evil and they are the only hope of America not becoming the NWO’s new China police, prison, torture, slave labor ,end of America, Hell on earth, that the OWO satanists are planning. You should appreciate the only people who have the power to keep America free. In the future you will know what I mean and thank them and be so grateful and there will be no more racism. Racism is a sign you are a psychopath. All psychopaths belong to the evil one. God will give BLM the power to destroy all evil on this earth. Watch and see. The White devils, the antichrist people, think they can use and abuse them=control them. God has other plans. There is a beautiful future to come, magnificent, once we get over the tribulation, it will be more than worth it. Heaven on earth is coming for those who endure to the end. All this evil will come to an end and in the end you will thank the BLM. I am about as white as white can get, but I know the truth and I have seen the future.

    • “God’s chosen people” I am so sick of hearing that expression. It is meaningless when Jews claim this and just as meaningless when Africans claim it. The height of racist supremacy combined with blasphemy claiming you are “chosen”

      • Don’t forget the Jehovah witnesses. Isn’t there something about only 144,000 people being saved at the end of the world?

        • That is is how the Jehovahs withnesses interpret the bible. They believe only J W believers will be saved. But, there are many more Jehovahs witnesses than 144000… oops.
          Anyone that claims exlusiveness to salvation is a liar. They negate the blood of Christ and suffer eternal dmanation.

          • Seems that many belief systems have a “chosen” clause.

            In my opinion, a religious belief system needs to include the opportunity for everyone to achieve salvation – Not JUST 144k people (and, you’re right, there’s many more than 144k of them that belong to that religion) or those “God’s Chosen People’s” religion.

            I call it a belief system because I don’t want to offend anyone by specifying a specific religion — well, except for naming the JW’s but just because they are the only ones who have a specific number of people to be saved, so when you use that number just about any person familiar with other religions (beyond their own) knows which religion, specifically, to which you refer, so I might as well name them, I always wondered why anyone joined without knowing how many members they had, at least without asking how the 144k were picked.

            I suppose many people have “a need to feel special”, so they choose belief systems that exclude all others.

            My personal belief system has a God that is NOT exclusionary. I suppose the simple way to express my belief system is the “Golden” rule: “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. Others say it’s the 10 Commandments. Whatever. Just be good to one another and the world will be a better place.

            That DOES NOT MEAN allow others to treat you poorly. Besides the golden rule, I believe God helps those who help themselves. We have free will. It is a CHOICE to achieve salvation – or not. It is not feasible for one to walk into the road and stand in the middle of the lane of traffic and expect to not be hit by a car. I suppose some might say that “if you are a true believer” you wouldn’t get run over. My belief system says “anyone who is stupid enough to jump in front of a moving vehicle is asking to be run over”. God has enough to do to keep you from expressing your free will. On the other hand, if you run into traffic to save another person (like a child), then one would hope “God will be with you” as you follow the golden rule. Arghh. Didn’t mean to get into a philosophical religious discussion.

            Anyway . . . I think it’s a good thing that other groups are starting to fight back against the mandates ordering LEGAL US CITIZENS to participate in an EXPERIMENTAL mRNA GENE THERAPY against our will. The more people willing to stand against it – whatever their true reason is – the better off we all are. And we KNOW how much attention this group gets!

          • Well I used to think that way but as time progresses I realize that people need to be accountable. Salvation isn’t like a second prize given out to whoever basically says I want it. They do have to earn it And most people aren’t going to behave They just want to make excuses and pretend they’ve been good when the end is near. The whole point really is that unless your afraid of God’s judgement you will easily be tempted away. And you lshall Love only God and renember He is a jealous God. So don’t think you can love your roots or your car or your TV or phone etc for a start.

          • Correct. They do think that. Course the Bible says 144000 I’m not sure what they say about that since there’s way more of them nobl doubt they have an nfalllible explanation. They believe that inly rheir experts know the true meaning of the Bible because apparently God wrote it in mysterious code so that only they would ever understand it.

        • That’s 12000 from each of 12 tribes Read genesis and understand. It’s a bit of an old book but it’s still relevant actually. Adam and Eve are Jews like Mary and Jesus But look there’s been so much interbreeding that many geneticists actually say there’s no pure genetic Jew left alive, but they have descendants everywhere Still from the 12 tribes. Even you could be one. And not even know it.

      • Look Who claims to be the person who speaks directly to God? Which religion claims that ad God’s Stewards they are ENTITLED to rule over the entire UNIVERSE? The answer might surprise you because it’s the Catholics The word CATHOLIC MEANS UNIVERSAL . So get over the gods chosen and get with the truth. It is the Catholic aka UNIVERSAL Church that claims it is God’s Steward and that its the POPE who talks, and really only the POPE who talks to God. That is the basis of all law on the planetveclxcepr fif Sharia. We do not live under Jewish or Islamic Law We live under Basically Catholic canon law run through maritime and admiralty law via England. Its a lot more complicated but that’s a simplistic explanation. Mosaic law and Noahide laws and Abramic law all served a function in the past and are acknowledged, noahhide law is, by every us president but its just lip service None of its tenets are written into legislation . Its all a huge fraud perpetrated via Google and you tube and all that lot to deceive the world and the ultimate point is to make sure they never know the truth. “they in there hate the truth” Pope Emeritus Benedict describing the residents in Vatican City. Always have too., if you read the history. From the beginning.

    • When is the last “War” Black people have won? Name one successful and prosperous black majority nation.

      • If you study the economics you will be surprised to realize how deceived you are Actually Africa is really one of the most prosperous countries on the planet. They want the world to think the opposite because they still want Africans to run to Europe and they certainly do not want westerners or anyone except them to know all the future wealth is going to be coming “oot of afrika” as Meryl put it And yes they are running all Jews are from Africa on Google and you tube Yes they are Just like they ran the world is flat. And if you don’t believe then we burn you And covids true too.

    • Mother Mary is meaningless. Exalted by the roman catholics to distract from the real message of the gospel.

    • Oh here we go again, another Israeli intelligence troll pushing race AGAIN.
      Listen, we know who the real supremacists are. Chosen by Lucifer. They live in communities where no other race/religion is allowed. They expel children that date/marry outside of their clique. They hire each-other into power positions regardless of education or abilities. And they point to “white people” as the problem anytime they can get while using minorities to their advantage.
      And the reason they do that is because the ‘white people’ are the only ones that fight against their global domination plans. Most people just want to be left alone and to live their lives. But they have an agenda.

      • Agreed. But it is not just Jews that hire only their “kind” Jesuits and Catholics do it, Black people do it, Mormons do it. Dems and Republicans do it to. Freemasons definitely do it..
        Remember, Satan is all above accusal division and exclusion. Satanist hate all mankind, and anything they can do to cause pain suffering and death serves their purpose.
        It all commanded from the top down…. the top is not the English crown or even the Vatican… it is the luciferiab bloodlines… the Octogon (the swiss elites)

          • And geneticists will tell you there are no genetic Jews left. And when religions are all incorporated under the INTERFAITH ECUMENICAL COUNCILS laws, as they actually are , then it is who is the Chosen Head of all that matters And that is by mutual consent and agreement of every religion, the POPE. All enshrined into law some roughly twenty years ago

        • I agree with you. But I think all those that are involved in doing that, specifically, are the evil that’s infiltrated all religions. Luciferians disguised-side note I literally JUST said that in another story.
          They’re liars, deceivers , manipulators.
          However, the power scale is top heavy. And people can & do see the dominating trend.
          Even though it’s a smoke screen.

    • One thing I found in my world travels is that each culture has religious statues and paintings done in the likeness of their people. Mary in the Philippines is Filipino. Mary in China is Chinese, Mary in Peru is Peruvian, etc.

      If you want to take it one step further, man is made in the image of God. But no one said what God’s image was – be it black, white, brown, red, yellow, etc. It seems to me that God appears to each in a manner (including language) that they would understand. Put simply, God’s image is a combination of all the images of man.

    • Jesus was A Jew And the Garden of a Eden most historians agree was now Iraq. Not North Africa. But there is no dispute that he was not English.

      • No dispute that the white race was never the chosen race And the Romans were never English they were Mediterranean Olive not white They bred with the whites when England was their colony. Only the Egyptians accept that the first white tall albinos that wandered into Egypt started the Pharaoh line according to Google.

  5. If BLM starts rioting over covid mandates, watch how quickly the Dem satanists turn on them. They will have outlived their usefullness to the Democratic party. Besides, the Dems dont need the black vote anymore, they have perfected stuffing the ballot box and flooding the country with a new underclass, Illegal latino immigrants.
    The USA is done anyway. Our overlords in Britain Europe (especially the vatican and swiss octogon will soon do away with us. The dems are spending TRILLIONS and printing money so fast they are running out of green ink.

    • They never ever needed them The elections everywhere on earth have been frauds forever since it was never a CRIMINAL OFFENCE vto steal an election AndvitvwasxoblybTrunp who made it criminal or tried too and that’s a HUGE part of why they kicked him out Ascot is it’s only ever been a civil matter so the police do not have power to even investigate election theft And that’s by the moral authority for rule of law. Which is, as Obama slipped out, thinking you lot would never join the dots anyway, the Pope.

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