Bono: Political Parties Who Criticize Mass Migration Are From Satan

Fact checked
Bono slams people who criticize mass migration, saying they are spawn of Satan

U2 frontman Bono has slammed political parties that criticize mass migration – saying they originate from Satan.

During a concert in Milano this week, his evil alter ego MacPhisto attacked the populist Italian leader Matteo Salvini, claiming that parties who oppose mass migration all have one thing in common: they originate from Satan.

VoE reports: “I have sent my people all over Europe. My people go by many different names. In Sweden they call themselves Democrats, Swedish Democrats. In France they change name. In Poland they have names I cannot even pronounce. In Hungary, well there they are hungry for me.” Bono told the audience.

Dressed up as the devil, he urged the Italian people to support Matteo Salvini, saying that all populist parties in Europe have the same face. Then he pointed to his Satan face mask.

Bono has recently been involved in controversy for stating that he wants Africans to “take over the world”.


    • Yes. Only Satanist call others ‘Satanists’.
      It’s the Luciferian/Progressive/New World Order mantra – accuse others of the evil your group is actually engaged in.
      Bono is a baby eater.

  1. Take your opinion and the immigrants with you back to your country, the US doesnt need you or the immigrants. The US was doing fine before you were born and will do just fine after you are gone.

  2. Destroy the Satanists. Vatican, HRC and psychopathic pedophiles excluded. Bono the Amazon rain forest is still there. You said it would be totally gone by now. Typical Dem. We are the Satanists and they are the divine, all knowing, all good ones. They are all coming out of the woodwork now.

  3. The wanker can’t sing, his band is fucking shit, and there is no such thing as satan. It is a made up creature to scare and control the low IQ morons . Bonehead is just another corrupt pedophile elitist that needs knocking off.

    • If Satan doesn’t exist, why are there all these creeps in “entertainment?” He does exist and by their choice he has control of their minds.

  4. Bono doesn’t live here his voice is irrelevant and evidently he is to stupid to see that those who wish to kill steal and destroy come into our country under the guise of “refugees”……. Obama refused the real refugees and brought in the terrorists.

  5. The United States keeps its sovereignty without you, Bozo. Too much booze and too many drugs are wearing on you badly. Take your hair dye and your phony leftie-elitist garbage and shove it. You’re playing to the leftie audience to stay relevant. We know you love your tax-free islands, gated mansion, and armed guards. Go peddle your commie-crap somewhere else.

  6. Let’s see a list of all the musicians, actors, bankers, politicians, millionaires, etc. and how much of their money they have donated to the poor immigrants! Bringing all these people over here to support NEVER affects them! You can help people in their own country! This is like moving every one in the city to one block! It’s not going to work!

  7. Would be good to terminate this pedofile before he has a chance to repent. (Which he probably would not do anyways)
    That way hes guaranteed a place in Hell. Hope somebody can take him out soon. Can’t be that hard to do from 300 yards away.

  8. Hey bonehead in case you haven’t noticed EVERY country that has supported mass immigration is “Hell on earth” stabbings , rapes, beatings is the new norm for countries stupid enough to flood their countries with prehistoric barbarians .

  9. Stick you dick in your mouth that is the only viable place for it. You are nothing more than a cockholster for Anti-American Demorats. You are not a citizen of this country and we do not need you interfering with issues here.

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