Trump Floors Elites at Davos: ‘America Is WINNING Like Never Before’

Fact checked
President Donald Trump tells elites at Davos that America is winning like never before

President Donald Trump stunned world leaders at the World Economic Forum in Davos on Tuesday after declaring that “America is winning like never before.”

“This is a blue-collar boom,” POTUS stated.

“Since my election, the net worth of the bottom half of wage-earners has increased by 47 percent, three times faster than the increase for the top one percent,” he continued.

“The American dream is back, bigger, better, and stronger than ever before,” he said.

“America’s thriving, America’s flourishing, and yes, America is winning again like never before,” Trump told the crowd.

“No one is benefiting more than America’s middle class,” he added. “We have created 1.2 million manufacturing and construction jobs – a number also unthinkable.”

“America’s newfound prosperity is undeniable, unprecedented and unmatched anywhere in the world,” Trump declared.

“America achieved this stunning turnaround not by making minor changes to a handful of policies, but by adopting a whole new approach centered entirely on the well-being of the American worker.”

“Every decision we make on taxes, trade, regulation, energy, immigration, education and more is focused on improving the lives of everyday Americans,” he said. “Only when governments put their own citizens first will people be fully invested in their national futures.”



    • HAHAHAHAHAHA……played more golf and taken more vacations than any president in history!

      His 98 rallies at taxpayer expense have cost so much that Mnuchin is trying to hide the numbers til after the election. Trump spends like a sorority girl with daddy’s gold card.

      This guy is fraud and a fake, a cheat and a liar, and if ANY Dem president had pulled 1/10 of the crap this guy has, you’d ALL be screaming for his head.

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