Britain Has Launched Deadly Bombing Raids On ISIS Since Paris Attacks

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Britain has escalated the fight on ISIS by launching 17 deadly bombing raids on targets in Iraq in the last ten days, seven of which were in the past three days.

Last week an RAF Tornado used a laser-guided Paveway bomb and killed 30 ISIS fighters in the battle for Sinjar as Kurdish forces liberated the city from terrorists. The show of force by Britain is in solidarity with the French who lost 130 of their citizens in the Paris terrorist attacks.

The Daily Mail reports:

The 17 strikes in ten days is in excess of the average of one a day since attacks on ISIS started last year.

It came as the Prime Minister revealed he will set out the case for joining airstrikes against ISIS in Syria on Thursday and a Commons vote could be held as early as next week.

Britain has clearly stepped up its attacks on ISIS since the Paris massacres and has even offered the French the use of Britain’s Cyprus airbase RAF Akrotiri if their jets get into trouble in Syria.

On Sunday November 15, 36 hours after ISIS struck in Paris, an RAF Reaper drone destroyed a terrorist car in Northern Iraq with a Hellfire missile.

RAF Reaper Drone

The Reaper then crossed into Syrian airspace to give surveillance support to French air strikes on a large terrorist facility near the ISIS capital Raqqa.

The following day two Tornado patrols helped Kurdish forces fighting ISIS on the ground by destroying a mortar position with a Paveway bomb. The jets then destroyed a heavy machine-gun near Mosul with a Paveway IV laser-guided missile.

The planes then flew on to Sinjar and despite thick cloud they fired another Paveway missile on to a large group of at least 30 terrorists, killing them all.

The Tornado patrol then destroyed another ISIS mortar position south-west of Sinjar.

On Tuesday last week Tornado GR4s from RAF Akrotiri offered support to Iraqi ground forces closing in on Ramadi before three Paveway IV guided bombs destroyed a ‘Hell Cannon’ artillery gun and two heavy machine-gun positions.

On Thursday Tornados used a Paveway to destroy an ISIS sniper position then blew up a Brimstone missile on a terrorist vehicle near Sinjar.

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