British army snipers fear militant attacks as MoD blows their cover

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British army snipers fear militant attacks as MoD blows their cover

Following a Ministry of Defence blunder, British army marksmen fear revenge attempts by militants on their lives and those of their loved ones .

The Army snipers believe that they are in grave danger after defence chiefs blew their cover by publishing names and photographs of serving sharpshooters on the Internet.

Press TV reports: The blunder has left the men vulnerable to reprisal attacks in Britain as it is now potentially easy for home-grown extremists to track them down, the Sunday Express reported on February 8.

Now at least 50 troops from the elite Parachute Regiment and Royal Marine units, whose cover was blown, are receiving SAS training on how to evade capture if extremists target them at home or in the streets.

The soldiers, some of whom have since left the army, have been warned to remove their names from the electoral roll and not to carry any military identification as fears over their safety grow.

The courses at the SAS headquarters near Hereford also include briefings on cyber-security, with the snipers being shown how to thwart attempts to hack into their mobile phones, email and Facebook pages.

Ministry of Defence rules state that snipers should never be identified because extremists consider them as high-value targets.

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