British Man Sells ‘Fresh Air’ In A Jar To Chinese For £80

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British man sells fresh air in a jar to Chinese elite for £80 per jar

A UK businessman is making thousands of pounds in cash by selling jars of fresh air to wealthy people in China for £80 per jar. 

Leo De Watts says he sells British countryside air shipped in jars to people in polluted cities such as Shanghai and Beijing, where he says the elite pay a large sum of money to inhale the air for a few seconds. reports:

The Aethaer products include air from Somerset, Wales and Dorset, with each area said to create air with different qualities.

Watts’ website boasts: “Aethaer is filtered organically by nature as it flows between the leaves of woodland trees, absorbs pristine water as it passes over babbling brooks and forest streams, and is lovingly caressed as it rolls over and between mineral rich rock formations, after which it is blown up over vistas of untouched beauty to where the Aethaer is collected and bottled.”

The bottles have already made Watts a hefty sum, with the Dorset Echo reporting that 180 have been sold since the buisness’ inception just a few weeks ago.

As well as those buying the product to inhale, it is reportedly also being purchased by people who will never open it, but instead keep the jar for its novelty value.

The air is collected using jars held in makeshift nets, which are held into the air and walked around in areas far removed from anywhere polluted – a process Watts describes as ‘air farming’.

In addition to selling regular bottles of air, Watts – who lines in Hong Kong – is also doing a ‘Chinese New Year special’ which includes 15 jars of fresh air for £888.