British Woman Fired Over Christmas For Joining The ‘Wrong’ Political Party

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A British office worker was fired over the Christmas holidays after her employer found out she had joined the "wrong" political party. 

A British office worker from Yorkshire was fired over the Christmas holidays after her employer found out she had joined a politically incorrect political party. 

This morning, Rebel Media published a video by Tommy Robinson highlighting the case of “Bev”, a Leeds Office worker who has been sacked, just before Christmas, for supporting a LAWFUL UK political party “For Britain.”

I am not a “For Britain” supporter personally, but the video greatly impacted on me. Society is in a very perilous place where peoples lives can be wrecked for supporting the wrong political party, even though that party is fully legal.

It would seem that the company, ARC Engineering, decided to go snooping through its employees social media and discovered that Bev, a veteran of 7 years’ service in the RAF, had recently joined “For Britain”. It decided it didn’t like this, ostensibly because some of its clients/ employees were Muslim, and fitted Bev up with a hatchet job dismissal where the outcome was already certain, and her stuff had already been packed up!

This breaks so many fundamental laws it beggars belief that this sort of dismissal can take place in Britain today, but unfortunately, it seems Bev is a visible tip to an Iceberg and people are having to repress legitimate, but controversial, views or risk disciplinary action, or even such unlawful dismissal as Bev has clearly suffered. This needs ACAS in their ASAP to take this lot to the blimmin cleaners!

Photo of Bev serving in the RAF

So, this struck a cord with me, and I decided I would share on my own Facebook page. THIS is where it gets weird!

The Youtube has a link to a page to sign to support Bev.

I decided being as the video was also embedded on that page, it made more sense to share that page. When I did, this happened:

Facebook auto-blocks that link! And the security check simply doesn’t happen. Its impossible to post that link on Facebook! Even using an URL-shortener made no difference.

So, I popped a comment documenting that back on the original Youtube and went digging.

This is the company, ARC Engineers.

And by checking on Companies House, I was able to confirm the identity of the man “Andrew” Tommy Robinson tries to get an explanation from.

The contact details for ARC Engineers are:

And yes, I gave them both barrels. Everyone who supports freedom of speech and freedom of association should certainly consider doing the same!

“Right I am steaming at what I have just seen. Bad enough your company feels entitled to snoop on employee’s private lives, but FIRING people for their political views? I am NOT a “For Britain” supporter but get this through your heads: THIS IS A LAWFUL POLITICAL PARTY and you have NO RIGHT, at all, to fire people for their political views! Would you dare fire someone for being a Muslim? I shall be lending my pen to this cause, and I will do my bit to let people know: you are a company with NO RESPECT FOR RULE OF LAW. Oh, I get it, you will say “oh but we have Muslim clients” but I bet you don’t vet your clients politics before you make an engineering supply contract with them! This woman Bev was of no issue, and what client is going to dig through the private life of an office worker? I would think very hard about making a public statement on this matter and either offering Bev her job back (I doubt she would want it!) or making a proper COMPENSATION payment to her. How DARE YOU throw a woman out of her job just before Christmas because your small minded director, Andrew Rimmington, doesn’t like her political views? FOR SHAME, FOR SHAME, YOU HAVE MADE A MASSIVE MISTAKE!”

People throw their hands up in the air and say “what can we do?”

THIS is an opportunity to make a difference.

So please, support Bev and follow through to sign this petition, and/or write to ARC Engineers and let them know what you think. Keep it civil, but spare no punches!

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