Bruce Springsteen: ‘Only Vaccinated Can Come to My Show – Unvaxxed Are BANNED’

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Bruce Springsteen bans unvaccinated people from his show

Democrat rockstar Bruce Springsteen has announced that he is banning unvaccinated people from his shows, and will now require proof of vaccination from attendees.

“I loved doing ‘Springsteen on Broadway’ and I’m thrilled to have been asked to reprise the show as part of the reopening of Broadway,” Springsteen said in a statement.

“Springsteen on Broadway” debuted in 2017, and closed in late 2018. reports: Columbia Records put out a two-disc soundtrack of “Springsteen on Broadway” and a filmed version of the show is on Netflix.

In the show, Springsteen performs 15 songs — including “My Hometown,” “Thunder Road,” and “Born in the USA” — and tells stories about growing up in New Jersey. Some of the stories will be familiar to readers of his autobiography, and he even reads from it. His wife, Patti Scialfa, accompanies him for “Brilliant Disguise.”

Audience members will be required to provide proof of full COVID-19 vaccination in order to enter the theater.


  1. This A hole is still trying to stay relevant. He sings like he has a cattle prod stuck in his a $ $.

  2. like I needed another reason not to go to a Bruce Springsteen concert… Spend your money on Eric Clapton and Van Morrison!

  3. I did not even know the tiny little fellow was still alive. Imagine going to a “Springsteen” show in this day and age. The “Born in America, truck commercial communist. The guy is literally a joke.

  4. The shots won`t save a DUI from pills and booze.Bad odds right from the get go BORN to RUN AWAY From you& doofus dave morriSSey

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