California Gov. Jerry Brown Bans Under 21s From Buying Guns For Protection

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California rewrites 2nd amendment and bans under 21s from owning guns for their own protection

California Gov. Jerry Brown has banned people under 21 from buying guns, under a controversial new law signed on Friday.  

The new law, which comes into effect in 2019, will prevent people under 21 from buying rifles and other types of guns. reports: The new law exempts law enforcement, members of the military and people with hunting licenses from the restriction.

It was one of dozens of bills Brown took action on.

Democratic Sen. Anthony Portantino pointed to the shooting at a Florida high school earlier this year that killed 17 people as the reason for his bill banning gun sales and transfers to people under 21.

“I was determined to help California respond appropriately to the tragic events our country has recently faced on high school campuses,” Portantino said in a statement. “I feel it is imperative that California leads when Washington refuses to act.”

Brown also signed a bill to prohibit gun ownership for people who have been hospitalized or otherwise placed on an involuntary psychiatric hold for risk of hurting themselves or others twice in one year. That law would let those people ask a court every five years to return their guns.

He also signed a bill to ban people with certain domestic violence misdemeanors from owning guns for life.

In addition to the gun-related bills, he vetoed a measure that would have let bars in some cities serve alcohol until 4 a.m., which he said would result in more drunken driving.


  1. Here we go folks, down the slippery slope begins. VoteRed, Vote democrats out of office or have your right to protect yourself taken away.

  2. I once served too protect the land from JUST SUCH TYRANNY!!! Normally a person can buy guns, like shotguns, and rifles while at the age of 18 or above. Folks i know from knowledge of the Bible that such things will occur, but sometimes it is still shocking, and often times intrusive!! I feel so strongly about our Rights guaranteed from our Constitution that i refuse too move too a state where Marijuana has been recently legalized, but, too obtain a medical marijuana license you have too surrender your gun rights!!!!!! No freaking way!!! I live with cronic pain and am way overtired of being treated like a criminal when i need , OMG!, dare , i , say , it , ( opioid s, ) shh don’t tell anyone, ., That is the way many of us are treated when we need pain relief for our CHRONIC PAIN!!! , Well you wonder what that has too do with guns in the state of Californiaaaaaaa? Well about everything . 1st they tell you that because your on opioid s you cant buy a gun because it might make you dangerous, Now too the article here. Buying guns is supposed too be part of the Constitution which my fellow brothers in arms have sworn too protect and, defend . Everyone should have the right too , and if they will try too make it illegal for ppl too buy guns under the age of 21 , well what is next!!? People who are on pain meds?,or people whose IQ are a bit lower than others?, or etc etc etc!This is Tyranny at its best. They are trying every angle they can too take our gun rights away from us, so the rea l quest ion is : Why do they want our guns soo badly? What is coming in the future?, or are they planning a hostile takeover?, for their nwo? btw i wont give them capital letters , they dont deserve it!!! Please read Gods word daily, even if you dont understand everything you read, Our loving Heavenly Father will love you for trying, as his day is ever increasingly drawing near, and dont forget too pray pray pray GB 🙂

  3. This is why there needs to be federal mandates. For age, wage, rights, etc.!!! The alcohol purchase age was the most glossed over slippery-slope of all time!! Now after 21, they will go for 25. Then for 30. Then for 40. It won’t stop!!! Pick a legal age. We are all pretty much fine with 18. Folks like me would prefer 16. Others would prefer 20-21. I say stick with 18. And leave it the hell alone!

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