California Rigs 2020 Democrat Election One Year In Advance

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California democrats rig 2020 election one year before it has even begun

California has already rigged the 2020 Democratic presidential race to favor wealthy, corporate-backed candidates. 

Lawmakers have moved their nominating contest from June to March 3rd to compete with Iowa and New Hampshire.

As it takes massive amounts of money to reach people in California, candidates without wealthy backers will find it almost impossible to compete.

Per Reuters:

California is determined to force 2020 Democratic presidential hopefuls to make some hard choices.

The nation’s most populous liberal state has moved its presidential nominating contest to early in the 2020 calendar, a shift its leaders hope will give it maximum impact on the selection of a Democratic nominee and push candidates to address progressive issues such as climate change.

The reshuffling means California voters, who can cast ballots weeks before primary election day, will be helping to determine a nominee at the same time as those in traditional early primary states such as New Hampshire.

“It’s a big deal,” said Ben Tulchin, a San Francisco-based consultant who worked as a pollster for Democratic U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders’ 2016 presidential campaign. “The traditional schedule had smaller states, more affordable states, retail politics. California is not like that.”

The shift to so-called “Super Tuesday” in March 2020 will change how campaigns structure their efforts and require tough decisions about allocation of resources, Democratic Party sources and strategists say. Competing in California, with its large, expensive media markets, may only be possible for the most deep-pocketed campaigns.

That factor alone might be enough to keep some of the two dozen or so Democrats who are considering entering the race from getting in.

“The amount of money you’re going to need to be competitive in California is just going to knock so many people out before it begins,” said James Demers, who was co-chairman of Democratic President Barack Obama’s campaign in New Hampshire. “It feels like the day and age of using Iowa and New Hampshire to get a campaign started are over.”

Those two states have zealously guarded their position as the points of entry for presidential aspirants. But with their small and largely homogenous populations, they may be more a part of the Democratic Party’s past than its future, as liberal elements within the diverse party have pushed to have a bigger say in the selection of a nominee.

In the 2016 race, the two states combined to apportion 68 Democratic delegates to presidential candidates. California, the biggest prize, awarded 475.

The candidate who amasses the majority of delegates will be formally nominated at the party’s convention in the summer of 2020 and then likely will face President Donald Trump, a Republican, in the general election as he seeks a second term.

Information Liberation reports: Nothing says “liberalism” like being ruled over by plutocratic billionaires!

The Republican Party currently has an incredible opportunity to become the party of the abandoned and downtrodden middle class, though as Tucker Carlson said recently they don’t seem eager to take it:

For 100 years the Democratic Party represented wage earners, working people, normal people, middle class people, then somewhere around– In precisely peg it to Clinton’s second term in the tech boom in the Bay Area in Francisco and Silicon Valley, the Democratic Party reoriented and became the party of technology, of large corporations, and of the rich. You’ve really seen that change in the last 20 years where in the top 10 richest zip codes in the United States, 9 of them in the last election just went for Democrats. Out of the top 50, 42 went for Democrats. The Democratic Party, which for 100 years was the party of average people is now the party of the rich.

Donald Trump, who is often seen as this world-changing figure is actually a symptom of something that precedes him that I sometimes wonder if he even understands which is this realignment. He served the purpose of bringing the middle class into the Republican Party, which had zero interest, no interest in representing them at all. Trump intuitive, he felt, he could smell that there was this large group of voters who had no one representing them and he brought them to the Republican side, but the realignment is still ongoing.

In other words, the Democratic Party used to represent the middle class, it no longer does, it now hates the middle class. The Republican Party which has never represented the middle class doesn’t want to. That is the source of really all the confusion and the tension that you’re seeing now. I do think, going forward the Republican Party will wake up and realize these are our voters and we’re going to represent them whether we want it or not.

…They have to, or they will die.

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