New York Cancer Doctor Found Murdered Following ‘Breakthrough’ Discovery

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Cancer researcher who made breakthrough discovery found murdered

A New York Doctor was found murdered shortly after reporting a “breakthrough” discovery in the cure for cancer. 

Dr. Miguel Crespo’s body was found in the bathroom of the Weill Cornell Medical Center on the Upper East Side where he worked, after having gone missing for several hours.

Police initially thought that Dr. Crespo had committed suicide by drug overdose after they found vomit next to his body and “foaming at his mouth.”

However, close friends and family say his death is suspicious, noting that Dr. Crespo had just made an exciting discovery in the field of cancer research and was unlikely to want to end his life at this pivotal stage in his career.

Crespo earned his doctoral degree at the Complutense University of Madrid and was researching a cure for colon cancer at the hospital.

Starting his research in 2011 in the UES stem cell lab, Dr. Crespo’s team had recently made a “breakthrough” discovery, according to one of the hospital’s staff;

“He was working late almost every night and seemed really excited.”He said he had made an amazing breakthrough.”

The hospital’s spokeswoman, Sarah Smith, told the New York Daily News:

“Weill Cornell Medicine is saddened by the death of our colleague Miguel Crespo, Ph.D.”

“We extend our deepest sympathies to his family and friends.”

Daily Mail reports: Away from the hospital, Crespo was a part-time photographer and graphic designer.

On his website, his mission statement reads:  ‘Throughout my life, I have relentlessly strived to capture the beauty in things I always felt the world has yet to discover – windows, shadows, reflections, the magic in the velvety light that projects on our eyes,’ he wrote on his photo design website.

‘I have always been mesmerized by the compassion, the emotion, and the meaning somebody’s look can convey and inspire.’

One of his neighbors Xoey Lee, 38, told NYDN he did not appear seem ill and said:  ‘He’s always polite. He always says, “Hi”.’

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