Candace Owens: Big Tech DESPERATE to Stop Mass Awakening

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Candace Owens says Big Tech are desperately trying to subvert a mass awakening

Conservative activist Candace Owens says Big Tech companies are desperately trying to subvert a mass awakening currently taking place across America and the West.

Her comments come in response to a Friday report in which a Facebook insider revealed that it maintains a list of “hate agents“, which includes a number of prominent conservative commentators. reports: A Facebook spokeswoman confirmed the existence of the list, but denied that Candace Owens has been investigated. The spokeswoman also emphasized that a recent seven-day ban of Owens was a mistake and has been reversed.

“More and more Americans are waking up to, and rejecting the fantastical ideology of the Left. What we’re seeing now are social media companies that are desperate to help subvert a mass awakening” Owens said in a comment to Breitbart News.

“Facebook is attempting to manufacture a virtual reality for the Democrats by silencing voices that run counter to their Party mission, which is to get rid of President Trump and to turn America into a socialist country.”

Breitbart’s source at Facebook was able to obtain a partial screenshot of the spreadsheet before the current owner of the discussion group began locking people out in response to the internal leak.

The partial screenshot reveals that Owens’ name is indeed on the list, along with the instruction for Facebook employees to “look into” her “after we’re done with the above designation analysis.”

The spreadsheet also appears to track with Owens has or is associated with any “affiliated hate entities.”

The source agreed that the “extra credit” category refers to individuals that Facebook has not yet banned, but is likely to investigate for potential “hate speech” violations and potential banning.


  1. The Left are really stupid people. You would think EVIL as a thing would be a little more stealth than what it is, but that’s not the case. The Left is antagonistic and bodacious in everything they do because their pride and abandon are so high. This has only helped wake up every single American to the pure evil intent of these Bolshevik rats. Once awoken, we will never go back to sleep no matter how hard the Left tries. In short, they’ve blown their cover and all because they think they are untouchable. Man, are they ever gonna find out how wrong they are about that.

  2. Anybody with a few brain cells left can see what the social media nazi’s are up to. They are ‘slow-rolling’ these conservative ‘brown-outs’ until people become accustomed to them and stop pushing back. Then they will begin to make them PERMANENT.

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