CDC Investigates 97 Children Who Fell ill On Disney Ship

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CDC investigates children falling ill on Disney cruise ship

The CDC is investigating a sudden outbreak of a mysterious stomach bug aboard a Disney cruise ship this week that left 92 passengers ill. 

The ship was carrying 2,700 passengers and 1,000 crew members as it left and returned to Miami last weekend.

A spokeswoman for Disney said that the Disney Cruise Line implemented additional sanitation measures such as continuous cleaning of handrails since the illness struck.

Self-service stations at buffets and ice cream stations were discontinued in order to limit passenger contact with food. reports:

“Our primary focus was on taking care of our guests and crew. We have a comprehensive plan that outlines protocols for managing this kind of situation and closely follow CDC guidelines for preventing the spread of common stomach-related illnesses,” a Disney spokesperson said to CBS affiliate WKMG.

The ill passengers were confined to their rooms for 24 hours, and cruise activities weren’t affected.

The primary symptom was vomiting.

The last time a Disney ship had a significant illness outbreak was in 2002.

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