CDC Warns of Sudden Deadly Meat Allergy Sweeping America – Doctors Baffled

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CDC warns of 'sudden' and 'deadly' meat allergy sweeping America

The CDC has issued a warning about the ‘sudden’ rise of deadly meat allergies among the American population.

The CDC issued an alert about alpha-gal syndrome (AGS) as cases around America are spreading at an alarming rate, leaving doctors baffled.

AGS is a type of food allergy that makes people allergic to meat and dairy products. The condition often begins with the bite of the Lone Star tick, according to reports.

A rare meat allergy from tick bites is rising and may have already impacted as many as 450,000 people,” the CDC said in a statement.

The federal health agency confirms that the CDC has recorded a “steep increase in cases of alpha-gal syndrome (AGS).”

AGS symptoms can be potentially life-threatening, with symptoms ranging from mild to severe and include a rash, hives, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, shortness of breath, stomach pain, and heartburn.

According to Dr. Johanna Salzer:

“The burden of alpha-gal syndrome in the United States could be substantial given the large percentage of cases suspected to be going undiagnosed due to non-specific and inconsistent symptoms.”

The news comes amid calls from the globalist elite to force humans to stop eating meat and dairy products to “save the planet” from “global boiling.”

As The People’s Voice reported, Dr. Matthew Liao, a WEF bioethicist, has openly discussed how AGS could be used to make humans intolerant to meat against their will. reports: At the 2016 World Science Festival, Liao explained a plan for the genetic engineering of humans to “address climate change.”

He openly advocated for artificially inducing a red meat allergy in the entire human population.

Liao suggested using an analog of the alpha-gal molecule found in the lone star tick to make the human race fatally allergic to meat and dairy products.

He argued that his plan would force the public to fight “climate change” because “people are not willing to give up meat.”

“People eat too much meat,” he told attendees at the event during a panel discussion on addressing climate change.”

“And if they were to cut down on their consumption of meat, then it would actually really help the planet.

“But people are not willing to give up meat,” he acknowledged.

“Some people will be willing to, but other people – they may be willing to but they have a weakness of will.”

He postulated that human engineering could be used to make people intolerant to certain kinds of meat, or to certain kinds of bovine proteins:

“There’s this thing called the Lone Star tick where if it bites you, you will become allergic to meat…

“So that’s something we can do through human engineering.

“We can possibly address really big world problems through human engineering.”

Liao’s work has become a cornerstone of the WEF’s agenda and is frequently cited by the unelected globalist organization’s members during discussions regarding the green agenda, Klaus Schwab’s “Great Reset,” and “population control.”

Meanwhile, we know that genetically engineered mosquitoes have already been released in Florida and Texas.

There are also plans to release more in California.

The mosquitoes are being released even against the wishes of many residents and environmental groups.

There’s no informed consent for populations being exposed to this massive experiment.

Some researchers have referred to these mosquitoes as “small flying syringes” as they are being released to spread “vaccines.”

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates and his Foundation are heavily invested in the GM mosquito project.

The Gates Foundation has invested over $30 million in Oxitec, the biotech company releasing the “flying syringes.”

The move has led to increasing concerns about the spread of viruses.

Locally acquired malaria has been non-existent in the US for the last 20 years.

However, five such cases have recently been diagnosed since the mosquito project was launched – four in Florida and one in Texas.

Rather conveniently, Gates is also heavily invested in the newly emerging lab-grown “meat” industry.

Gates insists that his fake meat products help to fight climate change and meet the globalist “Net Zero” goals.

But as Slay News previously reported, a study found that lab-grown “meat” is 25 times more harmful to the environment than real beef from cattle.

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