Cell Phone Dead? Use This SHTF Hack To Charge W/ A Key & A 9 Volt Battery (VIDEO)

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This is a pretty amazing video and article:  We’ve all been there: That awful moment when you need your phone the most, reach for it and realize the battery is dead. Worst of all, there’s no wall charger in sight, and that car charger isn’t going to do you any good when you’re not in a car.

Thankfully, The Blaze has clued us in on an awesome hack from YouTube user CrazyRussianHacker that makes quickly charging a cell phone without a wall charger easier than you could imagine.

As shown in the clip, a quick and easy charger requires you to have a small list of items that includes a car charger, a piece of metal (a key is used in the video), and a 9-volt battery. As the video explains, the charger can be made simply by taping the key to the side metal piece of the car charger, placing the end of the key into the negative female terminal of the battery and pressing the metal end of the car charger onto the positive male terminal.

As the video shows, the charger starts to work, and amazingly, it actually charges the cell phone. Take a look at the informative clip below, and remember not to fear the next time you find yourself with a dead cell phone.


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