University of Texas Instructor: Trump Is a ‘Nazi’ And ‘You Are Too If You Support Him’

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Trump and his supporters are Nazis who "kill people of the wrong ethnicity as a matter of policy," said a University of Texas instructor.

President Donald Trump and his supporters are Nazis who “kill people of the wrong ethnicity as a matter of policy,” according to a leftist University of Texas instructor.

University of Texas at Austin instructor and curator Alex Wild also doubled down on his past comments that Republicans are engaged in “ethnic cleansing.”

Entomology instructor Alex Wild argued that President Trump and his supporters are Nazis in a tweet that he wrote on August 17. Wild was responding to a tweet by President Trump that indicated that the far-left militant group, Antifa, may be classified as a terrorist organization.

Trump is a Nazi. At this point, you are too if you still support him,” Wild wrote in the tweet, which was highlighted this week by Campus Reform.

On August 26, Wild elaborated on his claim that Trump and his supporters are Nazis. “When I say (Trumpist) Republicans are Nazis, I mean they kill people of the wrong ethnicity as a matter of policy,” Wild wrote.

Breitbart report: Wild is no stranger to controversial tweeting. It was reported earlier this month that Professor Wild argued on Twitter that Republicans support “ethnic cleansing.”

Trump’s “security” plans are terrible for actual security. But pretty good if ethnic cleansing is the real goal,” Wild wrote in the original tweet. “These people are Nazis.

Wild doubled down on the claim in August, arguing then that the right’s “public messaging” indicates that his initial claim was true.

Shortly after Trump took office, I noted that Republicans were preparing an ethnic cleansing,” Wild tweeted on August 13. “Now, in 2019, I stand by that statement. Their thin, panicky public denials stand in stark contrast to their public messaging. And to the growing body count.”

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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  1. This is an indoctrinator not an instructor. Get your kids as far away from this moron as possible because you are wasting thousands of dollars!!

    UT should take action but they won’t because universities have become propaganda peddlers. They are a true waste of money!


  2. Dipshit: Your saying it DOESN’T make it so…..Sooo, numbskull, get READY for a deliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiish redux of 2016 – You gonna off yerself when it happens asshole? Huh? Please??

  3. Step 1: call anyone and everyone who disagrees that Trump is worse than Hitler a Nazi. Step 2: tell everyone that it is ok to physically assault “Nazis” and even perhaps remove them from this plane of existence. Got it. And the left (you know who I mean) is not the enemy of this country how?

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