Debbie Wassermann Schultz Kicks Out Only Black Person At LGBT Event

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Debbie Wassermann Schultz kicks out black man from LGBT event

Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Nancy Pelosi kicked out the only black person at a LGBT event in Florida on Saturday.

Elijah Manley, a young progressive activist, attempted to attend an event at The Pride Center in Fort Lauderdale on Saturday. According to Manley, when he sat down and began filming the event on his phone – Wassermann’s goons asked him to leave. reports: “I began to live stream the event on my Twitter page to show folks what was going on,” he said, according to a statement posted by Twitter user @GeoffMiami.

“After about a few minutes of livestreaming, a guy in a suit approached me and asked me to come with him. I complied. Once we were out of the main room, I asked him if there was a problem and he told me that there was one and that there had been online threats towards DWS,” Manley said, referring to Wasserman Schultz.

“I asked him for evidence that I posted any threats to DWS and he refused to show any. The guy standing next to him had a federal law enforcement lapel pin on his collar.

“I immediately recognized it as an emblem for the US Secret Service. He then told me that a trespassing warning was issued to me and that I was banned from the building,” according to Manley.

“The other officer escorted me from the area perimeter.”

Manley says he left the building and, “After 5 minutes of walking, I turned around and was frightened to see that three guys dresses (sic) formally or semi-formally were following me down the street.”

He says he walked a mile before they left him alone.

“I am a member of the LGBT community. And was the only black person in the room,” he says.

Here’s his full account:

Here is Manley’s video of the event:

Manley’s video showing him providing commentary before the event started. He said the event was “closed to the public” but that he was able to get in.

He added he was hoping, in addition to talking about LGBT issues, he wanted to bring up single payer health care and the murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich.

He didn’t get that opportunity.

About 6 minutes into his broadcast, Manley was ordered out of the room and escorted off the premises.

In an interview with Real Progressives, Manley said, “As a member of the LGBT community, I thought it was important to attend that event.”

Manley reiterated he was there to ask a question about single payer, specifically HR 676, and make “no disruption, nothing.”

He added, “Just to record it.”

Manley denied making any threats against Wasserman Schultz.


  1. Wasserman Schultz is a two-faced whore & a disgusting insult to the Jewish people. I hope she dies a slow death from brain syphilis

  2. Elijah Manley soon found out that an ‘LGBT’ event doesn’t stand for ‘Let’s Get Blacks Together’.

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