Chelsea Clinton: ‘It’s Time To Force-Jab Every Unvaccinated Child in America’

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Chelsea Clinton says its time to force jab unvaccinated children

Chelsea Clinton has declared that unvaccinated children in America must be forced to take the mRNA jab with or without parental consent.

Chelsea – via the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) – along with the World Health Organization (WHO), UNICEF and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation says she hopes to force jab unvaccinated children via a new initiative called “The Big Catch-up.”

“The Big Catch-up” will last 18 months and, according to Bill Clinton’s daughter, aims to become “the largest childhood immunization effort ever.” reports: Clinton, who serves as vice chair of CHAI, last week presented the initiative at Fortune’s Brainstorm Health Conference in Marina del Rey, California.

One day earlier, under the auspices of World Immunization Week, the WHO introduced “The Big Catch-up,” describing it as a “targeted global effort to boost vaccination among children following declines driven by the COVID-19 pandemic.”

According to the WHO:

“This effort aims to reverse the declines in childhood vaccination recorded in over 100 countries since the pandemic, due to overburdened health services, closed clinics, and disrupted imports and exports of vials, syringes and other medical supplies.”

During the pandemic, lockdowns led to restricted travel, which limited access to healthcare and other services, and in many cases, families suffered financial hardship, the WHO said.

“Ongoing challenges like conflicts, climate crises and vaccine hesitancy also contributed to the decline in coverage rates,” according to the WHO, which said the new initiative will act as “an extended effort to lift vaccination levels among children to at least pre-pandemic levels and endeavours to exceed those.”

More than 25 million children missed at least one vaccination in 2021 alone, leading to “outbreaks of preventable diseases, including measles, diphtheria, polio and yellow fever,” the WHO said.

“The Big Catch-up” will focus on the 20 countries — all in Africa, Asia and Central and South America — where three-quarters of the children who missed vaccinations in 2021 live.

According to Fortune, citing data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), less than 70% of children in the U.S. under age 2 were considered “fully vaccinated” — defined as “having received a full set of shots for diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, polio, measles, and other diseases common before the vaccine era” — during 2020-2021.

The CDC data also show that only 10% of children between the ages of 6 months and 4 years had received at least one COVID-19 vaccine dose as of Dec. 31, 2022.

During her presentation at Fortune’s Brainstorm Health Conference, Clinton described the rise in “vaccine hesitancy” and growing rejection of vaccines as “unfortunate,” adding that she had “tempered” her words.

“No one should die of polio, measles, or pneumonia — including in this country, where we also need people to vaccinate their kids,” she added.

“The Big Catch-up” also aims to promote other vaccines that are not part of childhood immunization schedules.

According to the WHO:

“In addition to catching-up on childhood immunization, intensified efforts are needed to introduce the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine to adolescents to prevent cervical cancer, particularly in low- and middle-income countries where the burden is highest.”

Aside from the WHO, CHAI, UNICEF and the Gates Foundation, other partners involved with “The Big Catch-up” include Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance and Immunization Agenda 2030.

Commenting on the initiative, Chris Elias, M.D., MPH, president of global development at the Gates Foundation, said “Vaccines are a public health triumph,” adding that “We must double down to reach all children with the vaccines they need to live healthier lives and ensure that future generations live free of preventable diseases like polio.”

Elias participated in a March 2021 simulation of a global monkeypox outbreak that hypothetically would occur in May 2022 — which turned out to be the month that a global outbreak of monkeypox actually began.

Other participants in the simulation included Dr. Margaret Hamburg, a former FDA commissioner on the board of Gavi, and George Fu Gao, Ph.D., former director-general of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, who is a member of the WHO’s One Health High-Level Expert Panel that aims to promote the concept of “One Health” globally.

Dr. Seth Berkley, CEO of Gavi, also commented on “The Big Catch-up”:

“We cannot allow a legacy of the pandemic to be the undoing of many years’ work protecting more and more children from deadly, preventable diseases. Global health partners, working with governments and communities, must do everything we can to protect the life of every child.”

Berkley, who formerly was affiliated with the CDC and the Rockefeller Foundation, has previously praised efforts to combat “misinformation” on the internet and the WHO’s decision to extend the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency of International Concern.

The Gates Foundation, Gavi, UNICEF, the WHO and the Rockefeller Foundation are interconnected in a number of ways.

Gavi says it “helps vaccinate almost half the world’s children against deadly and debilitating infectious diseases.” It was established in 1999, with the Gates Foundation as one of its co-founders and one of its four permanent board members. Gavi maintains a core partnership with the WHO, UNICEF and the World Bank.

The Gates Foundation is particularly active in relation to malaria, issuing grants to firms conducting research involving genetically modified (GM) mosquitoes, and is connected to research studying a potential malaria vaccine using GM mosquitoes.

The Rockefeller Foundation also is a partner and board member — and donor — to Gavi.

In turn, CHAI, founded in 2002 and “committed to saving lives and reducing the burden of disease in low-and-middle-income countries,” says it works “with partners to prevent and treat malaria, tuberculosis, hepatitis, and cancer [and] accelerate the rollout of lifesaving vaccines.”

Such partners include the Gates Foundation, with which it has collaborated on several projects dating back to 2011, as stated in CHAI’s most recent annual report.

Four pages in CHAI’s 2021 annual report are dedicated exclusively to vaccines, describing immunization as “a powerful tool for saving lives and improving health outcomes globally,” whilst outlining its activities in several countries.

For example, the report states that “In 2021, we worked with Cameroon, Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria, Papua New Guinea, and Uganda to improve DTP3 [diphtheria, whooping cough and tetanus] immunization.”

Clinton also has a long history of collaborating with the WHO and has been active in the promotion of vaccines even prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, as evidenced by the following 2018 tweet:

Clinton also participated in an April 10 podcast, “A Conversation about Vaccination with Young Advocates,” alongside Dr. Paul A. Offit, a member of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee, co-editor of the “Vaccines” textbook and co-inventor of the RotaTeq rotavirus vaccine.

In this podcast, Clinton and Offit discussed “challenges in closing the gap in adolescent vaccination and talk[ed] with teen advocates about their needs and challenges in helping adolescents advocate for their health.”

In other instances, Clinton has been outspoken about alleged vaccine “misinformation.”

In an Aug. 9, 2021, tweet, Clinton wrote that “vaccines save lives” and described this as a “controversial statement … in an era rife with disinformation.”

And in an April 21, 2021, Voices for Vaccines “vax talk,” Clinton explained why she was “working so hard on global health” and “tak[ing] a stand for vaccines.”

In this same talk, Clinton referenced the so-called “Disinformation Dozen” who disseminate alleged vaccine “misinformation.” Robert F. Kennedy Jr., chairman on leave of Children’s Health Defense, was one of the dozen individuals named in this list.


  1. We should give her a vaccine for everyone that she forces on someone else. I’m betting she will not even take one

  2. It’s time to permanently end the cabal’s weapons of mass destruction known as vaccines. Those who seek to force them on any living creature should be injected with cyanide.

  3. Well no duh! Now that even densest people among us are realizing that the so-called “vaccines” are not only ineffective for their purpose, but are also poison, forcing kids to get jabbed is the only way to make it happen.

  4. Just proves the apple doesnt fall far from the tree. She is proving she is just as corrupt as mommy!
    There is enough data to at the very least put the jab on hold if not begin prosecuting execs from big pharma and government for their direct and willful dereliction of duties.
    A recent comparison between the US and Nigeria shows the US has a population that is far more “jabinated” that should mean far less deaths, yet the US averaged 3272 deaths per million while Nigera averaged 15. Yes that is not a typo they averaged only 15 deaths per million. Much of that success has been given to the wide use of that horse drug Ivermectin and in some part to HCQ. You know the one Fauci never studies but always ranted about needing a double blind placebo study on. Funny how he was in charge and never really ran a meaningful one? Just a coincidence right? That coming from a man who published a paper some 10 years earlier on the effectiveness of HCQ on the Corona virus.
    My guess she is towing the party line for some monetary gain and knows the jab kills and children dont need it.

  5. Vaccines have saved lives. Just not this one.. And if you can’t differentiate the statistics from VAIR’s reports. Covid 19 vaccinations killed more people than they saved. And so did the Illegal Lock downs..So learn to accept facts and represent them truthfully, Or join the Hunted elite who dare to attack the People of this Earth… Death to the WEF and Elitists around the globe. In my humble opinion.

    • Do more research Leo60. They have conducted a long term (decades long) study of the health of people who are completely unvaccinated against people that have been vaccinated (not just the Covid 19 shots). They have established that the overwhelming majority of the completely unvaccinated are healthier than people with vaccinations.

        • My mother used to work for a old head nurse she was 84 and she said she never took any vaccines, as the aluminium inside them cause brain damage and Alzheimer’s therefore no one should take unnecessary shots. The problem with the new ones is the graphene inside them and the never working mrna is dangerous better never take it.

        • I recently hit my 6th decade and I quit taking vaccines years ago. Each time I accepted the flu “vaccine,” I ended up with the flu. If people could check the records of when I was a kid in school, they’d be stunned. Every single kid who was supposedly vaccinated against measles, mumps and chicken pox, we ALL still caught each disease. All the kids everywhere in Bryan and College Station, Texas caught ill, AFTER being vaccinated.

      • Not for polio, not for measles, not for mumps, not for tetanius, not for whooping cough — these are all killers. Also Shingles vaccines can save lives. And flu vaccines saves lives every year.

    • You can’t believe any VAIR’s reports on deaths due to Covid vaccines. Turns out the reports are not supported by real evidence that the vaccine caused people to die – but other health issues did and these deaths got into the VAIR’s reports. I have about 30 family and friends who have taken up to 4 Covid vaccines – with no problems at all. From Epoch Times – here are the real death numbers from Covid Vaccines: USA –9, Australia –14, Japan –1, India — 15, Canada –4, UK –52, New Zealand –4, South Africa –2, and Singapore –1. I know of no one in my area who died of a vaccine.

      • You should read the newsletters from Dr. Mercola and Igor Chudov. They provide true and real facts that easily dispute your false claim.

      • My mother and brother got their shot the same day. My brother died of a heart attack the next day and my mother died from a fast moving cancer, 6 months later. Neither had any serious health issues before the shot. Does it make you feel good to lie? Do you feel smarter than others, when you lie like this? The insurance company’s statistics tell the truth. Over 400,000 excess deaths in America last year. Please explain? …..not the vaccine…..Genius.

  6. That sickunt must be spawned in hell for sure!! Neuremberg 2.0 not needed for that death sentence

    • Like Mother, Like Daughter as The Clinton’s Fake Charity was proven to ONLY give 1-2% of the Millions they collected to the needy….and they used the EXCUSE that Most Had to go for the Clinton’s for “Travel and OTHER Expenses”>…..Really? This is the Same thing Hillary as SOS, did when she came up with “PAY TO PLAY”…when she Thought she’d be president and would give people access to HER, and they Paid Her, by ‘Using the Clinton Foundation to “Launder the Money they gave, which benefitted Chelsea of course and HER Million Dollar Wedding it paid for!

      Notice how ALL these “One World Elitists/Globalists” are hyping this ‘Health Issue’ wherein, Parents will NOT have the authority to allow OR NOT allow the vax’s, JUST as Hillary’s book when she said: “It Takes A VILLAGE”…..Just like Hitler who had the Youth Groups ALL involved and under HIS POWER. Reminds me of Bill Gates, who DID vax Many w/HIS VAX’s in Africa that was supposed to eradicate 5 Major diseases, but HIS VAX killed MORE PEOPLE IN AFRICA, THAN THE 5 DISEASES COMBINED. BTW: Gates, also believes in “DEPOPULATION” and wants to be part of the ‘special RULING CLASS to determine who lives and who dies, and WHAT they EAT: “His Plants(from his farmland he’s scooping up) and Bugs
      and Anything that guy does is to “RETURN A HUGE PROFIT….like his Pal, Fauci!!!

  7. love the pic of her you guys use with the long yellow teeth. Clintons are evil demons

    • Imagine waking up to that in the middle of the night. How long would it take you to realize you weren’t really in a horror movie?

  8. Before few days you declared children should be encouraged to enjoy hardcore porn so that they can explore their sexuality and gender identity. Now you declare that unvaccinated children in America must be forced to take mRNA with or without parental consent. Make up your mind you want it sex or death or both. Godmother try first to apply your declarations in public with your family or stop any overdoses.

  9. What is the mental deficiency in leftard midwits like Chelsea that makes them think they have any damned authority to FORCE people to take any kind of medical intervention into their bodies against their will?

    What happened to “My Body, My Choice”?

    This insane behavior by illegitimate tyrants is absolutely fascist.

    And when they say kids need to be force-vaxxed without parental consent?

    Yeah…they better bring a whole damned battalion of marines if they try to pull that crap.

    • The children of our elite classes are brought up in an aristocratic environment. Which people have power, which are influential, who to manipulate, the ways you allow yourself to be manipulated in exchange for X,Y or Z, who to be seen with, never be seen with the lower classes unless you are schilling for votes or getting the peons to give you more of their money/energy. The kowtowing of the sycophants. Their privilege’s separate them distinctly from the commoners. As children they see it, and as they grow they come to expect and demand it.

    • Great and True posting…..They have NO AUTHORITY as IF WE the people have No Constitution and Bill of Rights to PROTECT AMERICAN CITIZENS FROM GOV’T OPPRESION, WHICH Hillary and now, her daughter and Webb Hubbel’s, has become JUST LIKE Her in the Authority SHE thinks she has over ANYONE! They see themselves as Our RULING CLASS which is Bull Chit!

  10. Princess Chelsea of the Royal Clinton family heirdoms speaks as a spawn of her regal relatives.

  11. Any one who attempts to forcibly vaccinate a child? That is attempted murder of a child and you should expect a bullet in your head and chest. It would be justifiable. Understand? You satanic creeps stay the f#(k AWAY from our kids! You have been warned. You evil creatures are going to push the people too far someday and the total and complete extermination of YOU will be the end result. Got it? You nut-jobs, freaks and weirdo’s wouldn’t stand a chance. It would be all over in a few short weeks.

  12. Meanwhile Jamie Fox, whose been in hospital for 3 weeks and hasbt stabilised has had a medical emergency the other day and now teams of Americas top neurologists are being flown in to try to do something since apparently Jamie’s now non responsive. There’s speculation he’s lapsed into a coma, or is so critical they’ve induced a coma to kerp him from dying.Thats what the jabs are doing to save lives. He was very very healthy, like an athlete, and they seem to suffer the worst. The normal sickly average slobs seem to be unaffected by the jabs.

  13. I think it’s time to exterminate all of these parsitic scumbags… they wish to reduce the poulation; I suggest we start with all the elitist including their family trees. May not fill the quota, but it’ll make a small dent in the population and serve as a significant morale boost for the rest of us underlings!! They choose to use graphine, mercury, and other heavy metals…. I recomend we use lead poisoning. Bring on the purge!!

    • Moreso, as she’s married to Evil Soros’ Nephew…so they ALL Stick Together in their Plans for the “RULING CLASS OF THE WORLD, USING THEIR “FAKE CLIMATE CHANGE TO TAX EACH AND EVERY PERSON…..AND ADDING TO THEIR OWN “SLUSH FUNDS”…..Al Gore’s BIG Money Maker when he started that ‘Global Warming Bull shif, since he saw the Millions the Corrupt Clinton’s were making with their Fake Foundation and HE wanted that action also!!!

  14. It looks like someone needs to force clean the teeth of Chelsea. Take a good look at the picture of Chelsea with her big smile. It was enough to make me sick. I feel sorry for her husband.

    • Don’t feel sorry as her husband is related to EVIL SOROS, who wants to control the Whole World with His Puppet Obama, and the rest of the ‘Elitists/Globalists who want to be the RULING CLASS over ALL PEOPLE!!!

      • They are “ALREADY trying to Control the Food Supply…….and suggesting that WE eat Bugs, and Plants that Bill Gates, etal. are growing on the farms they bought! Let those who want this for the citizens EAT BUGS, as that Stupid Nicole Kidman in an ad was doing(guess they paid her a Lot of Money to make a FOOL OF HERSELF!)

  15. You would think this woman could have her teeth fixed or at least brush them. As for forcing people to take drugs they do not want to take seems likely to be to be a violation of the 4th Amendment. To force people to take an experimental drug against their will is a definite violation of human rights as defined by the Nuremberg Code. To say these people are tyrants with no respect for Constitutional and/or Human Rights is not an exaggeration.

  16. Bill Gates and the Clintons and other Cabal members are trying to kill us. It’s that simple.

  17. Prove that you were vaccinated with the same mRNA product as the rest of the population Chelsea Clinton?

  18. Did anyone really believe the daughter of Bill and Hill would be anything less than a total psychopath? FJB

  19. Yet another hideous Clinton makes a clear delineation point of who the enemies of mankind really are.

  20. At no point in history have the people forcing others into compliance been the Good Guys.

  21. America needs to be vaccinated against the Clinton virus. It has already killed millions.

  22. I used to think that too before Covid. Now you’ve blown any trust you may have had. Especially after boasting you would put the mRNA in ALL vaccines. I’ll never take another, nor would any of the children under my control, if I had any. I tried to talk my 50 year old son out of taking the Covid shot but he did, and got two boosters. Now he has two major side effects, and we’re expecting more because he was born immuno-compromised with a severe birth defect. At what point does this become a self-defense issue? THe government caused deaths and major injuries, and is continuing their deadly campaign of shots.

  23. I thought it was a parody. I was shocked to realize she’s serious. The Clinton’s are dangerous.

  24. See Rio Times article, “Norwegian government refuses to recommend Covid vaccines for children’. ” Citing concerns about the vaccine’s side effects and the fact that the risk of death and hospitalization from Covid in children is very rare, the Norwegian government has stated that it will not recommend Covid vaccination for children.”

    • Close, but NO ONE is More Evil than Hillary, the Marxist Saul Alinsky’s, who wrote:
      “RULES FOR RADICALS” that She (and Obama who taught Alinsky’s Methods to Acorn Thugs)
      stayed friends with him until his Death!!! She wrote her thesis on Alinsky and HE wanted her to work for him, but Hillary opted instead to “Join the Team to Take Down Nixon” but ironically even the Supervisor FIRED HER FOR LYING & NOT FOLLOWING THE CONSTITUTION”

  25. Chelsea is not smart enough to have any opinions worth consideration. I still remember her and Daddy going shopping for her to get a new bikini, which she modeled for him . LOL Yup, she & her off spring should be first in line, followed by mummy & daddy. In fact, lock up the entire outfit, wef,gates, all new world order clowns for the welfare of mankind.

  26. Well it certainly rings true, the Minor Witch doesn’t fall very far from the Major Witch

  27. Did she actually say “it’s time to force jab every unvaccinated child in America?” Maybe I didn’t read the article properly but I didn’t see that.

    • That’s because she did not say that. There were lots of articles about her encouraging vaccinations and correct information about vaccinations but not one single word about forcing them on children.
      This website has a problem with telling the truth.

      • Crazy. There are so many levels in everything these days. Convolutions, controlled opposition, inversion of truth. It’s a shame that so many people are ready to grab their pitchforks and rush out based on lies and emotive stimulus. A great example of the current madness is in the Catholic Church where you had infiltrators get in and wreak havoc, abusing and doing the most beastly things and now the church is pouring money into reparations and individual churches are closing, the reputation is wrecked and those who planned and committed the evil go under the radar while the institution is publicly hammered. Same with the USA, infiltrators destroy a great country which is now haemorrhaging money and power. The balance is surely shifting majorly. I want to know who is wrecking it and why. I know about Soros, Schwab, Strong and so on but who is behind them and what is the outcome that they want and what for? Only the devil would want a desolate earth…

  28. I saw a lot of references discussing educating people and removing misinformation. But I did not see one single instance of her saying that we need to *force* vaccinations. We know that she promotes them. A lot of links but nothing that gives evidence for the claim in the title. Could you link to THAT specifically?

  29. Maybe if the ruling class hadn’t acted like a bunch of feckless, authoritarian control freaks for so long, culminating in all the dogmatic nonsense that surrounded the moronic plague, people would trust them more. Too late now.

  30. No Jew Left Behind Let’s make sure all Jews get vaccinated and transitioned (castrated).

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