Chelsea Handler ‘Needed Therapy’ Before Speaking To ‘Annoying, Stupid’ Conservatives For New Show

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Chelsea Handler says she “had to do a lot of therapy” before speaking with real-life conservative Americans for her new documentary.

Chelsea Handler says she “had to do a lot of therapy” before speaking with real-life conservative Americans for her new documentary.

During an appearance on The View, Handler said she had to prepare herself for dealing with “annoying” and “stupid” conservatives.

I had to do a lot of therapy to even have these conversations with people because I have a temper and I’m reactive,” she explained. “When somebody’s annoying, I want to tell them that they’re annoying or that they’re stupid.

Independent reports: Handler is the host of Netflix’s Hello Privilege, It’s Me Chelsea, which sees her explore “white privilege” in America and how it has benefited her own professional career and personal life.

One encounter in the film sees Handler speaking to conservative American women who claim that white privilege is a “miniscule problem” and that people don’t speak enough about “black privilege” in education and in the workplace, and later suggesting that single-parent families are rife in black American households.

She went on to explain, however, that she intended the documentary to be about listening to other people’s viewpoints.

My exercise in this film was to be more quiet and to stop inserting myself and saying ‘you’re wrong, you’re wrong,’ and to let them say [things],” she said. “To [create] kind of a space for everybody to speak openly.”

Hello Privilege, It’s Me Chelsea was released on Netflix last week.

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  1. That nutjob hoe needs therapy in general, period!! Unenlightened unfunny retarded liberal tramps don’t impress me! Hope they commit her for life!

  2. A 4-year old mentality trapped in a 60 year old body. “I don’t like what you believe or say so I will resort to name calling.” Had to get therapy to keep her from calling people names and insulting them.. just wow.

  3. l don’t know where she came from or what she is supposedly famous for I tied to watch her old show once and was totaly bored with 8.9 seconds before changing the channel

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