Cher Fantasizes About President Trump Being Sexually Assaulted in Prison

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Cher hopes President Trump is raped in prison

Pop icon Cher admits she has a sick fantasy about President Donald Trump being sexually assaulted in prison.

In a since-deleted tweet, Cher wrote, “Been giving impeachment much thought throughout the day & I would [love] 2 see Trump impeached, brought 2 trial, [locked] up in [chains], & boy toy of Big Bubba.”

She quickly backed down when she realized making jokes about sexual assault wasn’t acceptable. reports: The offending tweet was captured by the Daily Mail before she deleted it.

The performer’s tweet came on the heels of special counsel Robert Mueller’s statement Wednesday reiterating the findings of his office’s report. During a news conference, Mueller also announced that he would be closing his office and resigning. You can read more about Mueller’s news conference here.

Former CNN host and current “Good Morning Britain” anchor Piers Morgan took exception to Cher’s remarks, and pointed out what he believed to be liberal hypocrisy.

On Twitter, Morgan wrote, “BREAKING: Cher says she wants President Trump to be raped in prison as ‘Toy boy of Big Bubba.’ Disgusting, and if she’d said it about Obama she would never work again.”

Following backlash for the remark, Cher deleted the tweet and issued a clarification, admitting that she has to “check” herself on occasion. In the tweet, however, the entertainer was adamant that her follow-up was not an apology.

This is Not Apology,It’s a Cher ‘wtf Moment’.Dont Usually Delete My Twts,But Sometimes I Need 2 Check Myself.What I Thought Of As Stupid Joke’On Paper’,Went 2 Far.Think trump Belongs In Jail,but Big Bubba Joke Was Wrong.If I Twt,I Have a Responsibility,” she wrote. “THERES IS A LINE NOT 2.”

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