China Tops List For World’s Most Jailed Journalists

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Sadly, China has topped the list for country with the world’s most jailed journalists – a trend that is having a scary impact as it slowly creeps across the globe, even into the West.

Australia has even passed new legislation that allows for journalists to be jailed for up to a decade.

We wrote about the issue as it becomes a reality in the United States earlier this year HERE.

In an article in The UK Independent titled “China: The world’s biggest prison for journalists [1], they explain the quite scary statistics .

China is a world leader in many things, from carbon dioxide emissions to executions, and exports to, um, overall panda production.

To this list we can now add: total number of journalists jailed.


The above chart, from Statista, shows that as of December 17, 44 journalists were in prison in China out of the world total of 220.

The Committee to Protect Journalists, which compiled the figures, said the jailed journalists reflected new pressure members of the media had come under from president Xi Jinping.

Almost half of those jailed are Tibetan or Uighur, CPJ reported.



[1] China: The world’s biggest prison for journalists

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