Christopher Spivey Who Claimed Lee Rigby Murder Was A Hoax Spared Jail

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Christopher spivey

Christopher Spivey who claimed the murder of Lee Rigby was a conspiracy designed to provoke anti-Islamic feelings, has been spared jail.

At a sentencing hearing today, Spivey continued to protest his innocence and stood by his claims.

He was sentenced to a six month prison term suspended for two years.

The judge also made Spivey subject to a restraining order banned from posting on blogs or social media.

Lat month Chelmsford Magistrates court found Spivey guilty of two counts of harassment and two counts of malicious communication against Lee Rigby’s mother, Lyn Rigby, and his sister Sara McClure.

The BBC reports:

Prosecutor Simon Bravey said Fusilier Rigby’s mother, Lyn Rigby, was the first to be alerted to Spivey’s Facebook posts.

In a statement read to the court, Mrs Rigby said she found his claims “extremely disturbing and sick”.

Spivey also posted the family’s home addresses and private photographs and made direct contact with the family.

He contacted Fusilier Rigby’s sister, Sarah McClure and claimed her husband, Rob, also a soldier, and Fusilier Rigby were the same person.

Mrs McClure said this left her fearing that her family could be targeted by extremists.

Spivey made the bizarre claims on a website alongside expressing doubts as to whether the Tunisia beach massacre and the Glasgow bin lorry deaths happened.

Judge Woollard said: “Families are understandably distressed to have lost loved ones and then find themselves subject to these claims.”

Solicitor Miss Williamson, mitigating, said that Spivey did not accept his guilt and plans to appeal against his conviction.

She added: “It may have been unpleasant but it’s not at the most serious end of harassment.”


  1. Spared jail because TPB know Chris is right, in every aspect, in everything he has ever posted. Banned from posting for 2 years, the only way to silence the truth. God bless you Chris, we can only hope to prevail over the corrupt establishment of Ba’al. Good work.

  2. Risked making him look like a martyr….the c**ts aren’t finish. I wonder what kind of turnout he had today? It’s a long way from the Southern USA to Chelmsford or I would have loved to have been there except for the fact that Britain has become a oozing carbunkle and I would fear coming there though I don;t scare easy.I know the UK laws are different but it is clear that every right was disregarded and based on the paperwork I would have refused an order to pursue a case that clearly bullshit. If there is anything like a constitution there it would be be the right, no duty of the “plod/old bill” ; no I have no idea what that means or actually where it is derived. I never had to obey an unethical, illegal or immoral order and I refused to sign warrants and swear falsely on a bogus B/S case a couple of times. I retired 2 years ago cause it got so bad that they are hiring scared chavs like you guys apparently are infested with. Just cause you have a badge ( hammer) doesn’t make everybody or thing a nail….that’s just it cause f you can;t look at yourself in the mirror to shave then you have lost yourself and I refused to overreach to suit a Sgt’s opinion, politics or an agenda from jailing a county commissioner to telling it like it is/was to the arrogant brass when they asked me…they learned NOT to ask my opinion. I will not sell my self respect and personal integrity to please a mercuric self aggrandizing politician. The dumbass people will never know what they lose or have lost for feeding their egos and going to them instead of going to the guy on the beat. With all those lamp posts it seems as if you need a very large nonce attended “Spandau Ballet” performance..The US Probably has more lamposts but the nonces and the investigations get o airplay. I think that may be why some levels of politician have championed stricter sex offender laws even writing some stupid and unworkable ones to “play to the cheap seats” as it were…Well…maybe you would have to borrow a few French lamp posts as well…maybe you don’t have enough posts or hemp wither…LOL…Thank GOD my prayers were answered for Chris cause even if he don;t know GOD or believe in HIM, GOD believes in him, still….Lets wait and see what the appeal yields.Cheers and Thank GOD Clayton and Stacy are safe too.I wanna see the cross examination of those “witnesses” whose statements with which I couldn’t even have gotten in the DA’s door IF i was stupid enough to try to make a case on that bogus shit + I would;a sympathized with the man exposing the shitheads if he had committed no crime.If you are forced to lie for a warrant, when you get to court let it be known and tell the judge “I had to follow or or lose my job but by lying to get the warrants and telling the truth in this court I was forced to lie and out myself under the protection of this honorable court. If this is done at the first hearing it works well to protect you and the innocent party.I never did it but I’ve seen it as the only way to protect the officer and if not, they will just fire you and give the case to someone who will lie and get the warrant so it protected them both. Too many officers forget their oath and serve the pols not uphold the constitution….that’s what it all comes to…keeping the peace…not filling the jail..and letting people have a different opinion without n=being punished for it.some officers are like 8 yr olds and are afraid of black people, Mexicans and other stupid shit…’s nauseating….and the bad ones can smell your fear like a Doberman.ANYWAY…..LOL…Peace OUT! Hang in there Chris….you “unpleasant troll” as one writer called him last month….definitely NOT a JOURNALIST…

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