Clinton Claims States With Highest Levels Of Crime Are Run by Republicans

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Hillary Clinton

Here we go….Hillary Clinton is claiming that States with the highest crime levels are run by Republicans.

The twice-failed presidential candidate joined CNN’s new morning show co-hosted by Don Lemon, Poppy Harlow, and Kaitlan Collins, on Wednesday, after its disastrous debut on Tuesday.

Clinton joined the show to discuss a number of issies including the global threat to democracy.

The Gateway Pundit reports: Clinton made the statement during their discussion that Republican-run states have the highest crime rates.

“I want people to be safe. That’s not the Republicans argument, because, of course, if you look at real crime statistics, which they’re not interested in examining, the states with the highest crime levels are states run by Republicans, that’s just a fact,” said Hillary.

“We saw that very clearly in the recent debate in Oklahoma for the governorship when the Democratic candidate said, the crime rate in Oklahoma is higher than it is in New York, and nobody wanted to believe that. They don’t want to solve a problem whether it’s crime, inflation, or anything else. They just want an issue when given a chance to govern. They don’t want the responsibility. We saw that during COVID at the very highest levels of the Trump administration. So when they talk about crime, they’re just trying to gin up all kinds of fear and anxiety in people,” she added.

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This is just another lie from the Democrat party’s talking points. Cities with a Democratic mayor and council have the highest crime rates, that’s a fact.

Some of these cities are in Republican-controlled states, but the Democratic mayors and district attorneys who have complete control over the police force and who implemented the new bail reform laws are mostly to blame for the increase in crime.

According to the new analysis of crime data by, it showed that high-crime cities are governed largely by Democrats.

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