Trudeau Announces Canada Will Accept Hundreds Of White Helmet Terrorists

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Canada is among three Western nations that will take in hundreds of White Helmet terrorists and their families.

Canada is among three Western nations that will take in hundreds of White Helmet terrorists and their families after Israeli forces plucked them from Syria under the cover of darkness in a bizarre international rescue on the weekend.

According to CBC, several hundred people — volunteers and their families — belonging to the organization known as the White Helmets were extracted late Saturday from the southwestern portion of the war-torn country that’s being overrun by forces loyal to Syrian President Assad.

The Israeli military said Sunday it was responsible for rescuing members of the White Helmets from the volatile frontier area and evacuated them to Canada — the first such Israeli intervention in Syria’s lengthy civil war.

The news that Canada is rolling out the red carpet to the Syrian radical jihadists comes one year after Al-Qaeda leader Tahrir al-Sham confirmed that the White Helmets are secretly part of their terror network in a video in which he refers to them as “hidden soldiers of the revolution.”

The White Helmets have previously been accused of designing clever propaganda videos aimed at actively promoting the Deep State globalist agenda in the Middle East.

After having been exposed for housing themselves in the same building as Nusra/Qaeda, carrying weapons (also see Vanessa Beeley’s article here), using dangerous and erratic rescue and emergency techniques, proudly proclaiming support for terrorists and the desire to see Syrian military personnel killed, the White Helmets went on to sign documents and proclamations in support of Nusra in its effort to prevent civilians from access to drinking water.

A little-known video made by the leader of Tahrir al-Sham (al-Qaeda in Syria), Abu Jaber, on March 16, 2017, is making the rounds of social media, showing Jaber praising the White Helmets as the “hidden soldiers of the revolution” and thanking them for what they do.

“Second, a message of thanks and gratitude to the hidden soldiers of our revolution,” Jaber said. “On top of the list are the parents of the martyrs and the men of the White Helmets.”

The question then becomes, “If the White Helmets are so unbiased, why does Tahrir al-Sham consider them to be heroes of the ‘revolution?’”

Certainly, al-Qaeda would not consider any organization who assists civilians instead of solely the bearded soldiers of God as heroes of their movement.

The answer, of course, is simple. The White Helmets are nothing more than a propaganda wing of al-Qaeda itself, funded by Western governments and NGOs for the purpose of creating false narratives and shock videos designed to manipulate the Western public.

If there was any doubt about the true nature of the White Helmets, I suggest reading my previous articles on the group as well as Vanessa Beeley’s excellent work on the same topic.

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