CNN Bombshell: There Are ‘Legal & Constitutional’ Ways for Trump to Stay in Office

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CNN admits there are constitutional ways Trump could stay in office

In a newly resurfaced video that was filmed shortly before the election, CNN’s Fareed Zakaria explains the “legal and constitutional” case by which President Trump could remain in office even if he loses the 2020 election.

In a moment of actual journalism by the anti-Trump network, Zakaria outlined how Trump could remain POTUS “without actually winning the vote.”

Explaining how the election system works, Zakaria says electors are determined by that state’s popular vote, but that this is “not a constitutional obligation.”

The CNN host then eerily outlined the exact scenario that happened on election day, with Trump leading on November 3rd but then mail-in ballots swinging the result for Biden, prompting numerous lawsuits.

“Taking account of the confusion, legislatures decide to choose the electors themselves,” Zakaria explains before pointing out that eight out of nine key swing states have Republican legislatures.

“If one or more decide that balloting is chaotic and marked by irregularities, they could send what they regard as the legitimate slate of electors, which would be Republican.” reports: Adding to the confusion, Democrats from the same states would also send their electors to Washington, which Zakaria suggested could be “part of the Republican plan.”

“Because you see when Congress convenes on January 6 to tally the electors’ votes, there would be challenges to the legitimacy of some electors,” explained Zakaria.

This would prompt Congressional Republicans to argue that disputed states should not be counted, which would ensure Biden’s could not reach 270 electoral college votes.

“At that point, the constitution clearly directs that the House of Representatives vote to determine the presidential election, but it does so with each state casting a single ballot,” said Zakaria, noting that this process would result in the re-election of Donald Trump.

“Trump doesn’t have to do anything other than accept this outcome, which is constitutional,” concluded Zakaria.

The video has caused consternation amongst some Biden supporters, who are eagerly pointing out that it was released before the election.

However, this makes no difference whatsoever. Zakaria’s explanation of how Trump could still win is still in play.

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